Want To Eradicate Any Smart ED Worries? Just Say Tanks

July 16, 2010

Like the Nash Metropolitan 50 years ago, the 2010 Smart ForTwo generates its share of cracks, stares, and guffaws. People who drive the tiny two-seat Smart minicar just have to get used to it.

And Smarts suffer their share of slights, from a rash of 'Smart dunking' incidents in the canals of Amsterdam to a Portugese organized-crime Smart-theft ring that specialized in reselling stolen Smart steering wheels back to their owners, among other tricks.

Smart ForTwo being hoisted out of Amsterdam canal, from De Telegraaf

Smart ForTwo being hoisted out of Amsterdam canal, from De Telegraaf

Smart ForTwo stripped by thieves, photo from +Motores

Smart ForTwo stripped by thieves, photo from +Motores

Just this summer, a terrible PR gaffe was only narrowly averted when the new electric version of the Smart was launched in the States. The Smart organization wanted to give it the same name as it has everywhere else in the world: Smart ED.

That "ED" stands for Electric Drive makes logical sense. And they didn't want to use EV, for Electric Vehicle, because that had been the name of the previous electric Smart--which the new model replaces.

The problem, of course, is that in the United States, "ED" also stands for a medical condition solved by purchasing prescription medications that lead telegenic heterosexual married couples to hold hands happily while reclining outdoors in adjacent claw-foot bathtubs.

Luckily, sanity prevailed and the little electric car is now officially known in the U.S. as the 2011 Smart Electric Drive.

But occasionally, an aggrieved Smart owner decides it's time to fight back. So we're happy to bring you: the Smart Tank.

We don't know a thing about it. We're not sure how you get in (the sunroof?). But we know one thing: It does butch up the little Smart quite a bit.

And on that note, happy Friday.

[PHOTO: Bill Bright via Rick Feibusch]

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