Share Your Summer Adventures With Jeep's Free TripCast App For iPhone

July 13, 2010
Screencaps from the TripCast iPhone app from Jeep

Screencaps from the TripCast iPhone app from Jeep

A couple of weeks ago,we covered a great new app for the 2011 Grand Cherokee. Now Jeep has released a very different application called TripCast, which allows you to share photos, videos, audio, and notes from vacations, road trips, or afternoons at the park. TripCast has the potential to be another win for Jeep, but it'll need several upgrades to get there.

TripCast is, at heart, a social network in miniature. Users create a profile and add friends; then, when it's time to do some adventuring -- preferably, in a Jeep vehicle -- users set TripCast to start tracking their journey. Along the way, users can flag spots and post photos, video, audio, or written commentary, then share that content with friends on Facebook or Twitter, or via email.

On the plus side, TripCast is 100% free, and it's already available for download from the App Store. (Contrary to the press release, it can't be downloaded directly from Once you start a trip, TripCast uses GPS to track your progress automatically, which is not only courteous but also safety-smart. We also like the iPod integration (so you can listen to your tunes from within the app), and the Points of Interest, which are special, pre-set markers identified by the friendly folks at Jeep.

On the downside, TripCast is essentially another social network, and none of us really want to join another social network, do we? The app would be much more appealing if developers had left out the registration part altogether and settled for using Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or some other network as its social base. At the very least, they could've made the registration process less convoluted: not only do you have to invite friends to join the network, you also have to friend yourself. Which is fine for Sybil, maybe, but not everyone.

Also on in the negative column: TripCast is iPhone only, the user interface isn't very intuitive (though it's better than the semi-comparable TripJournal), and -- worst of all -- TripCast is very, VERY crashy. As in, it closed six times on our 3GS (running iOS4) within the space of five minutes. We were tempted to chuck it out the window, but we stuck with it, for your sake. You owe us.

If you're the sort of person who reads the owner's manual on every new toaster, you might enjoy a skim of the TripCast press release below. Otherwise, you can visit the iTunes store and download it now -- just be prepared for a little frustration until Jeep sends out some updates.

* * * * *

Jeep® Blazes New Trails and Adds Even More Adventure with TripCast™ Free iPhone App

AUBURN HILLS, Mich., July 12 /PRNewswire/ --

  • TripCast™ application allows Jeep® fans and everyone with a sense of adventure to plan their next journey and share with friends in real time via the Web ( and mobile interfaces
  • "Points of Adventure" feature offers Jeep-centric locations and points of interest with a database of more than 250,000 outdoor recreation spots in the United States
  • New app allows Jeep to connect with consumers and convey Jeep lifestyle in a unique manner
  • Users can post photos, videos, audio clips and status updates creating an electronic scrapbook link that can be shared with friends and uploaded to Facebook and Twitter
  • Consumers can save and view trips – theirs and their friends' – in real time or later, on the Web or on an iPhone

The Jeep® brand today announced the launch of TripCast,™ an easy-to-use, free, iPhone app and Web site that enables consumers to plan a trip, share an electronic scrapbook of the adventure and upload photos, video, audio clips and status updates to Facebook and Twitter. The application allows family and friends to follow a traveler's trip in real time via the Web or an iPhone. Also included in the application is a "Points of Adventure" function which offers those looking for their next adventure more than 250,000 outdoor recreation spots in the United States.

"TripCast enables everyone with a sense of adventure to plan a trip, share it with friends as their journey unfolds, and find new spots to explore," said Mike Manley, President and CEO – Jeep Brand, Chrysler Group LLC. "This new app is perfect for Jeep fans, and anyone who enjoys getting out, having fun, and sharing that fun with friends. It also provides us with a unique way to connect with a wide array of consumers, exposing them to the unique Jeep lifestyle along the way."

TripCast is free to consumers and is compatible with 3G, 3GS and 4G iPhones. Family and friends are able to follow traveler's trips and download the app via

App Features

Key features of the TripCast app include:

  • Web and mobile interface
  • Track your Path – Enables the user to track their path in real time
  • Share with Friends – Determine what and how much of a trip to share via the Public, Invite and Private settings
  • The Public setting shares information with everyone; Invite allows the user to invite friends to follow the trip and the Private setting allows only the user to view the information
    • TripCast also notifies users when a friend is in the area and can coordinate a chat
  • Post your Finds – Photos, video, audio and text can be posted and shared with friends and all content can be viewed "on location" on a map in real-time
    • Trip is downloadable via Google Earth as well
  • Points of Adventure – Discover new spots with more than 250,000 outdoor recreation locations by category including parks, bike paths, camping, ski resorts and more
  • Create playlists and listen to music while using the app
  • Create a personal user profile and customizable Jeep avatar
  • Save and view personal or friends' trips, in real time or for later, on the Web and iPhone

TripCast can be downloaded free beginning today from the TripCast Web site, or from the iTunes App Store using "Jeep" or "Trip" as search words.


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