BMW Is Looking For A Few Good Menschen On Facebook And Twitter

July 8, 2010
BMW's Job Channel on Facebook

BMW's Job Channel on Facebook

U.S. unemployment numbers may have gotten a little rosier, but most experts agree that the job market is still terrible, and even the most optimistic analysts say that there are five applicants for every job opening. We don't have exact figures on the auto industry, but given the shrinkage and consolidation we've seen at most companies, we can't imagine the situation is much better. Nevertheless, automakers are hiring, and BMW has taken its HR department to Facebook and Twitter to root out potential candidates.

Sounds great, right? But before you start updating your resume, you should ask yourself one question: "How's my German?" That's because BMW's new employment-centered Facebook page and Twitter account are both written in German, and at the moment, all available positions are in the home country. More specifically, nearly every listing in the eight-page database is for a gig in Munich.

But don't give up hope, jobseekers. We'd be surprised if BMW didn't shortly roll out an English-language equivalent, with positions at the company's North American offices. Moreover, this is such a great-looking page and such a smart idea that we'd be a little shocked if other companies didn't follow BMW's example -- the irony being that Facebook users may soon have to choose between the mind-numbing, soul-crushing chores of Farmville and looking for less-mind-numbing, less-soul-crushing jobs in the real world. Until that day arrives, though, you can skim BMW's U.S. job listings over here. (NB: buying a BMW wouldn't be a bad idea either, unless you enjoy creepy guilt trips.)

One wee caveat: if you've ever been worried that a prospective employer might stumble across your less-than-professional Facebook or Twitter page, now you've got double the reason to tidy up. We suggest deleting those party pics from the Phi Mu mixer now.

[via BMWBlog]

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