Forget Saving The Planet: The Fisker Karma Will Nab You A Date

July 7, 2010

Remember the Prius commercials with all those people dressed up like grass and rocks, moving in rhythm to create the illusion of a happy, healthy Mother Earth? Well forget 'em. In fact, forget all that tree-huggery tripe used to sell cleaner-tech rides. According to a new website for Fisker Automotive, driving a hybrid will do something way better than just saving the planet: it'll get you a very hot date. (And then some.)

Fisker's new website is part of a larger campaign for the start-up automaker that employs the admittedly clever tagline, "Pure Driving Passion". We say "clever" because in three simple words, it conveys all three things that Fisker has been touting with its new Karma sedan: green technology ("pure"), performance ("driving"), and enthusiasm ("passion"). Not bad for the new kid.

That said, the sleek, black, Flash-powered site clearly weighs in most heavily on the "passion" end of the scale. Visitors have two options on the landing page: "stealth" and "sport". Click "stealth", and you'll be whisked away to watch a short film that says more about melting ice cubes and $800 Louboutin spike heels than it does about the Karma. You'll also find a series of promotional photos that sit about two inches south of a Playboy spread.

For those less fond of car/internet porn (you're probably out there somewhere), the "technology" and "configure" sections share a few hardcore details about the sedan, but you'll probably have a better time skipping the "stealth" side altogether and veering toward the "sport" section. There, you'll uncover more conventional stats about the Karma's drivetrain, performance, and safety, free from the distraction of half-naked supermodels.

As over the top as it sounds, the website looks great and offers a fairly thorough look at the car. That's good because (a) it's a beautiful set of wheels, and (b) it still hasn't debuted, meaning that virtual looks are all any of us get for now.

If you'd like to read Fisker's full press release, we've pasted it below. Full disclosure: it's long. But then, it's Wednesday, so we're guessing you'll welcome a little workday distraction.

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Campaign premiers with website featuring work by world renowned photographer Miles Aldrige and Academy Award-nominated cinematographer Wally Phister (Inception, The Dark Knight, The Italian Job)

IRVINE, CA July 1, 2010 - Fisker Automotive, the American manufacturer of elegantly designed, premium plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and Southern California-based global branding experts Lambesis, announced today the launch of Fisker's international "Pure Driving Passion" campaign for the acclaimed Fisker Karma. The fully-integrated campaign debuts today with the launch of  The site will inform customers about PHEV technology and is the precursor to the Fisker Karma launch scheduled for the end of this year.

The "Pure Driving Passion" campaign was born from the compelling Fisker design philosophy that the auto industry can only be elevated by refusing to compromise.  Fisker Automotive's unyielding pursuit of pure design led the company to design one of the most sustainable and accountable vehicles in automotive history. The all-new campaign was created to reflect these impassioned principles.

The campaign celebrates how the Karma redefines automotive marketing through the seamless blend of eco-minded luxury, exhilarating performance, the sensuality of superior comforts and unparalleled sustainability.

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