Top Five Places For A Fast Family Vacation

July 2, 2010
2011 Ford Mustang GT 5.0

2011 Ford Mustang GT 5.0

Here at Family Car Guide, we don't encourage speeding, but we know there are leadfoots out there among our readership, some of whom might be going on road trips this weekend. To those brave souls, we present five states that might be a little more friendly, thanks to our parent site, The Car Connection, which cited a study by the National Motorists Association, a group that researches such things.

#5. Kentucky

Not only is it a pretty state with plenty of rolling hills and horsefarms, but law enforcement seems to be allowing a lot of leeway. Fast movers should feel plenty safe in the Bluegrass State.

#4. Nebraska

Wide-open spaces and flat ground make for a place to really get the lead out--or put the lead foot down.

#3. Montana

High speed limits and a low traffic density make Montana another place where speeders might feel at home.

#2. Idaho

Another Western destination, Idaho offers plenty of things to do and see, and plenty of roads that will allow you to get there quickly without interference from the boys in blue.

#1. Wyoming

Sensing a theme here? Another state with wide-open spaces and low traffic volumes and plenty of appealing vacation spots is also another state in which speeders can move across with relatively little hassle.

Again, we aren't condoning speeding, especially with children in the car. But for those who like to move at the higher end of the speed limit, these five states might be safer than others.

[The Car Connection]

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