Customer Loyalty: Hyundai Takes The Cake

July 1, 2010

Customer Loyalty--You hear the term used and abused worse than a British politician abuses public trust with your tax dollars. It's all about sticking with what you like and more importantly, what you trust. Loyal customers are the holy grail for every auto manufacturer because there is nothing worse than losing your cheerleaders, your boosters, your bedrock supporters. Because that's when the money dries up. And along comes Hyundai, the more than up-and-coming carmaker--and it just sponsors the FIFA World Cup to make sure its name gets really big exposure. And what do they do? They put out a hysterical ad with a dark tinge of humor to it.

It's really worth checking out for no other reason than the ad somehow skillfully ties soccer (or 'football' to the rest of the world), death and customer loyalty together in one short, funny and unique ad. Quite a feat.

In short, it's about rabid customer loyalty and how Hyundai is #1 in this regard, with the implicit understanding their products are so good, you'll get hooked, almost like a soccer fan gets hooked emotionally to their favorite team--for a lifetime (which is indeed true). When the FC Cologne was relegated to the second league, I saw several 75 year-old grown men cry on TV. But I digress.

Check out the mother, the son, and the brilliant way they dressed up the deceased dad with the soccer ball planted between his hands in the coffin. To which my astute wife replied: "How will they close the coffin?" It's an ad, my dear.

Oh, and note too how the music goes from a quiet, somber piece to something a little more upbeat, with a happy rhythm to it. How offbeat. How funny, and how strange. But in a good way. And then the image flips over to a black Hyundai Sonata (nice choice of color for a funeral, eh?) with the message of customer loyalty. Somehow it all works.

Enjoy the ad.

And if you liked that one, check this one out too:

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