Has The Cop Car Gone Soft? Carbon Motors Says No

June 30, 2010

How many times have you seen a police car, especially a Ford Crown Vic, not the Mercedes E-Class or BMW 5 Series you see over in Germany (lucky Polizei!) and thought, wouldn't it be cool to drive one of those interceptors right up behind some yuppie jerk and scare the Rolex right off him with a blast of the siren and a flash of the lights?

Not once. Never in my life. Cop cars like the Crown Vic aren't really that cool as a driver's cars, and how many ads do you see for them? None. Zilch. Zip. Nada. Nichts. Niente. Sure, cop cars are strong, fast and can haul a perp or two in style and comfort down to the station, but they don't always inspire passion.

That is, until Carbon Motors gave us the E7, one bad-ass cop car that is really unique, really cool and really forward thinking. It has totally reshaped what a cop car can be and tied it together with high-tech gear and great power too. It even looks a bit Robo Cop-like with a great and menacing front end. No, it won't win design awards or kudos from Pininfarina or Walter D'Silva--but it wasn't meant to.

And Carbon Motors has a really great video, which for the purposes of this blog we'll call an extended ad. No, I won't critique the production values or the storyline, or even the cheesy dialog about a donut warmer (it's true, I swear). It wasn't meant to be that. There aren't any high speed chases or wild slides on a skid pad, sadly. But it does show off the car's interesting bits. Like the suicide doors (the Carbon Motors folks do NOT call it that).

Sadly, I find the suicide doors something of a let-down. They are meant to ease the entry of apprehended folk into the vehicle so they won't bump their delicate heads. So why am I disappointed? I come from a city where corrupt, mustachioed and donut-filled police mistreat their perps like the sun rises--in other words, every day. If they can't crack the heads of those apprehended folks against the door frame, a tradition as old as the city itself will have died off. A victim of progress or a victimless crime? Who's to say.

Enjoy the promo film. Cop cars will never be the same again.

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