BP Oil Spill: Best Thing We Can Do Is Laugh At It

June 30, 2010

If you saw Woody Allen's somewhat dark comedy Crimes and Misdemeanors, you'll recall the brilliant line that "comedy = tragedy plus time." And then it led to a line about Lincoln's assassination. Before this goes anywhere, let me say this: Dark humor, the kind that some people find hurtful, not particularly sympathetic and generally insensitive is high on my list of top 5 things to keep me from falling asleep at work.

How does this tie into the horrendous BP Oil travesty that has ruined the lives of thousands, not to mention wildlife and pristine coastline in the U.S.? Well, people could use a good laugh every now and then to alleviate the anger, and if they can handle the dark humor the folks at UCBcomedy.com have put together, this may just give them a smile for a few minutes.

Furthermore, since automobiles of all kinds are still overwhelmingly dependent on crude oil turned into gasoline (Nissan Leaf, consider yourself excused) for forward propulsion, we had all better learn to accept oil as a main source for energy and we had better learn to laugh because there will be future oil spills. And being depressed all the time will eventually make us not want to drive cars, and that would be bad for society, and me in particular, as I love reviewing cars and their associated ads.

Also this could be the way BP Oil starts rebuilding its utterly destroyed public image and winning hearts and minds back. Which we know won't happen as it's an oil company and it is run by serious British men who probably once laughed at a Monty Python or Little Britain skit when they were at private school many years ago. 
So, go to the UCBcomedy.com site and watch the "BP Spills Coffee"--it's really quite funny. And learn to laugh at the misery and absurdity, and then we can get back to driving cars.

[Note: There is one instance of profanity near the end, so if you have sensitive ears or kids in ear shot, you have been warned.]

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