Tips On Keeping Young Drivers Safe And Saving On Teen Car Insurance

June 25, 2010

When teenagers start driving, parents start to worry a little more than usual, and rightfully so; teen drivers have an increased risk of being involved in an accident. However, you can help make your teen’s transition to driving smooth and safe by learning more about teen drivers and getting the right teen car insurance.

Why are teens at higher risk for accidents?
Young drivers are more likely to have car accidents because of a mixture of inexperience and immaturity. The ability to assess risk and make good decisions is not fully developed in the teen brain.

Additionally, distractions and a lack of driving experience can lead teens to make more errors on the road than adults. This is why rates are often higher for car insurance for teens.

How can I help my teen drive smart?
1.      Teach and demonstrate good driving skills. As a passenger, your teen will learn a lot about driving. Set a good example when driving; obey the speed limit, avoid road rage and remember to buckle your seat belt. Your teen will be more receptive to your instruction if you do as you say.

2.      Understand and explain teen driving laws. Many states allow teens to get a driving permit when they are 15, followed by a restricted license at age 16. Restrictions may include a curfew, limits on how many passengers can be in the car, or laws against using cell phones while driving. Learn the laws in your state so you can pass them on to your teen.

3.      Impose your own rules. When your teen starts driving, create a driving agreement that puts limits on your teen’s driving until he or she gains more experience and builds a good driving record. Set rules for how many passengers are allowed in the car, as well as a maximum driving distance. Clarify punishments for getting a speeding ticket, or missing curfew. Knowing the consequences of poor decisions ahead of time may cultivate smart driving habits faster.

Should I add my teen to my car insurance policy?
Make sure your teen is covered. Add your teen driver to your car insurance policy as soon as he or she has a driver’s permit. Depending on your state and insurance company, your rates may not change until an actual driver’s license has been acquired.

Rather than purchasing a separate car insurance policy, it’s wise to add your teen to your current one; insuring multiple drivers and your good driving history decreases rates.

Are there car insurance discounts for my teen?
Car insurance rates for young drivers are generally higher, but you and your teen can work to lower them. When you get a car insurance quote, ask about discounts for young drivers.

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