Car Insurance: Never Lose Touch With Your Baby

June 22, 2010


I got a tip on a great ad and story from a friend about a really innovative car insurance idea. Wait, don't get angry, do not click away from this page--this is still about great car ads, and all things related to cars, including insurance. This one has a great ad for car insurance, which made me laugh out loud and I'll get to in a minute.

In short, Esurance has a neat feature if heaven forbid you've been in accident and your prized possession and baby--your car--needs tome tender loving repair. 

When you bring your car into one of their facilities, you can actually monitor the progress. As the body shop mechanics start the repairs, you can actually log into an online repair monitoring account to see what's been done to your car. What a great idea! I have been in that situation where my car was in the shop and and I was constantly wondering what was happening to my "ride" (Ok, it was a bottom of the line, extra pedestrian Mazda, totally NOT pimped out, because my wife wouldn't let me). 

According to the article with this insurance "you can see photos of your car's repairs that are uploaded by the body shop throughout the repair process... and... you can easily send these photos to your friends and family by clicking on the 'email photos' link below each snapshot." You can also ask the mechanic questions and get an email response. I can imagine some of the responses being something like "Hey! Stop emailing me! I am working on a car over here!" (Does a Brooklyn accent work in e-mail?)

And best of all, when they repaint your car, you don't have to be anywhere near the life-shortening, reality-altering paint fumes.

Now, about that ad, it's short but hysterical. Just check out how the interaction between the two guys progresses as they talk about insurance and "feelings." When the one guy says "Chet, I don't want to talk about feelings" he looks so uncomfortable, you can feel him squirming. And then Chet responds quietly, "sure you do", I laughed out loud. Made the commercial totally memorable. And isn't that the point? Well done, Esurance.

You can read more about Esurance's neat plan here and check out the ad below.

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