Green Car Ads: They Don't Suck As Bad As Green Cars

June 12, 2010

I was Skyping with my fellow writers about some of the hot automotive topics of the day and we were talking about crappy and good car ads, and I complained there were no good green car ads. Well, before I could even bang out a sentence on the keyboard I was immediately corrected by the in-house green car expert who listed off three great green car ads in the span of five seconds.

And to him I owe a debt of gratitude because I can now give you, my dear attentive and information hungry reader some great green car ads that really are way better than the cars themselves, as my opinion of the current crop of green cars leaves something to be desired from an exciting, sporty point of view.

Look, green cars, apart from the Volkswagen diesels, which I happen to think are great, but not overtly green, are not aimed at people who want to have fun and feel good by pulling donuts in the parking lot or by tearing down a twisty B-road at top speed. They make their owners feel good by making them think they are saving the planet, saving money on gas and by letting the world know, they are convinced of the need to be automotively responsible. I will not get into the details of whether these cars from production to destruction are genuinely lean, there is a raging debate about that out there between guys filled with V-8 engined anger and other guys with slide rulers and high powered computers. (You'll notice I have reserved judgment on the Honda CR-Z until i can get my hands on one.)  

But what did make me feel good about these green car ads were how well the commercials were made, the great sense of humor displayed in them (the Audi ads are brilliant), and it shows that green cars inspire automotive passion in a different way than most of petrol-blooded Neanderthals are used to. The world has changed and cars are different, but the ads used to make you want them are just as great as ever.

These are the top three car ads I found so far, and I am sure after hunting some more I'll find more. Have a look at these three ads and tell me they aren't gems of the car ad world.

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