Car Insurance: It's Funnier Than You Think

June 10, 2010

Hey everybody! Let's play anger-inducing, blood pressure-spiking word association. So when I say the word "insurance" what do you think of? Corporate pimps who wear suits, shaking you down for a monthly premium that really is a ripoff when you actually have to make a claim? You think of serious, humorless, vindictive men and women behind a desk plotting your downfall, as well as bald and bespectacled actuaries who scheme and plot to deny you your money through the magic of highly complicated mathematical formulas. That is insurance for you.

Now what if I preface "insurance" with the word "car"? Let me guess, you can feel the rage boiling up inside of you, making you want to reach for that Smith & Wesson, load it and go down to your car insurance broker and have a friendly discussion over a cup of hot lead. You are now dreaming up ways to drop a Bugs Bunny-like anvil on that insurance adjuster who said "it was just a scratch" and that you shouldn't worry about your premiums skyrocketing higher than the space shuttle, because that's just what will happen and there is sweet diddly that you can do about it. That is car insurance for you.

So we have established that car insurance is an unavoidable evil like Hitler, taxes and BP lying through its teeth about the oil spill with a fine British accent. 

Now what if I tell you that there are some really funny car insurance ads out there that will at least lower your blood pressure and make you think, for a heart beat and not longer, that maybe these evil corporations offering car insurance might have a sliver of a sense of humor. 

Well here are the top three ads I found recently and I'll tell you why. Because they don't take themselves too seriously. But if I deconstruct the ads, how funny would that be. Just watch and laugh.


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