What Are Your Favorite Sedans-Turned-Wagons?

June 7, 2010
Already popular on the other side of the Atlantic, sport wagons have been gaining attention here on U.S. soil in recent years. With attractive styling and agressive performance and handling, the wagon can shed its traditional "family vacation" image and begin to attract enthusiasts. But, why bother to get a wagon? Why not just get an SUV if you want more, well, utility? It's really a matter of taste. I happen to prefer the car-like character of a wagon over the truck-like feel of an SUV. If my trunk became too small for what I needed to carry, it would be an obvious option for me. Maybe I just have a soft spot for them, since I learned to drive and parallel park in an '88 Caprice Wagon.

Generally the easiest way to make a wagon is to start with a sedan, turn the back half into a box, and add a hatch or tailgate. With sedans becoming increasingly performance-oriented, sport wagons are sure to follow. What are you favorite saloon based cargo carriers--past or present? What cars would you like to see turned into wagons? Here are my top picks.

My favorite would have to be Audi's family of A4-based wagons. Admittedly, it's because I already love the styling and character of the A4/S4 sedan. It's classy, comfortable, sporty, and just happens to have the added bonus of extra storage space.

A recent contender and runner-up is Cadillac's new CTS Sport Wagon. It's quite a change from what you would normally expect from Cadillac. It definitely captures the refreshed styling strategy of the brand, introduced by the 2nd-gen CTS. Way more extravagant than it needs to be, this hauler is just plain cool. Add to that the fact that it's scheduled to recieve Cadillac's "V" treatment and you've got the coolest Caddy wagon since the Ghostbusters' Ecto-1!

Now on to the wish list. I will honestly say that I'd like to see the Taurus wagon return, especially with the 2010 restyling of the once best-seller. The new Taurus has a lot going for it, and seems to be targeting a new crowd. Plus, it worked before, right? I like Chevy's new Malibu, and I think it would make a nice wagon. No, it wouldn't be nearly as sporty or flashy as, say, the CTS-V, but I woulnd't mind seeing one. I would have also said an Accord wagon would make a lot of sense too, but having seen the Crosstour, I'll just pretend I never had that idea. I'm not a Crosstour hater, I just think it's hideous.  

Ok, so that's my list. What's yours? Don't be shy now, I know at least 2 percent of you disagree with me.

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