The Funniest Commercial Ever--It Kills!

June 6, 2010

Humor, it's what makes us human and separates us from the animals. Well, that and the legal system and the money-hungry lawyers who pray on the weak and innocent. Never mind that last part.

As I was saying, humor isn't something animals really have a good grasp of. It's something that can get us humans through the worst day and better yet, it's something that can stick in our memories for a lifetime.

Violence, nay, let me rephrase that, intentional violence is something that makes us a lot like animals, except they tend not to kill for fun like we do, rather they kill for food or territory or mating rituals. So what does any of this sociological-biological analysis have to do with cars? We kill for other things. For example, objects with wheels. When you watch possibly the funniest ad ever below, you'll understand. I came across this Toyota ad from a few years ago and vaguely remembered that it was nominated for a CLIO award. (Check out this year's award winners, especially the Audi ad.)  

The idea is nothing new: it's a "War of the Roses" theme with the "Happy Together" soundtrack. A couple trying to kill each other, literally, over who gets to drive their Toyota RAV4. But it's the sum of the parts that makes this commercial so wonderful.

They have set up fatal traps for each other across the house that have a Bugs Bunny quality to them, but the acting, the filming and the pacing make it great. Especially the over-the-top ending with the house going up in a huge explosion. Actually, I loved the head in the fishbowl part, that had me laughing out loud.

Am I wrong to laugh at cartoon violence, cheap visual gags and low-brow humor just to sell a car? Does it mean I have no moral center and I am as shallow as a teaspoon of water? (If you answered 'yes' to all of those, give yourself a gold star.) Or am I just human and passionate about cars and whatever it takes to get them sold?

Possibly the funniest commercial ever. 

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