Audi's Most Thought Provoking Ads Of All-Time

May 30, 2010

While Audi’s commercials have occasionally managed to tickle our funny bones, their best commercials have always been those that provoked thought and thereby made you yearn for an Audi. So check out Audi’s most thought-provoking ads:
R8 History
Though Audi has historically had a tremendously successful racing division, the brand itself is not really known for its sportiness. Words like “cute” and “luxurious” are often used to describe Audis, while some of the other German brands jump to mind when thinking of athletic vehicles. So when Audi launched the R8, they needed to remind people that the world of performance cars is not uncharted territory for the brand. After all, let’s not forget the illustrious Audi Quattro or the R10 TDI--both of which are racing legends. And that was exactly the point of Audi’s original R8 TV commercial: to remind us of Audi’s 70-year racing pedigree.

The Slowest Car Ever Built
Audi’s automated factory in Ingolstadt produces an average of 2,400 cars per day. Meanwhile, the factory in Neckarsulm hand assembles a total of 24 R8’s a day. Audi highlighted this painstaking process in their oddly soothing commercial called “The Slowest Car We’ve Ever Built.”

The “Perfection” ad is a wonderfully inspiring promotion that makes us want to believe that Audis are perfect; or, at the very least, something “ordinary done extraordinarily well.” The idea that “we” always strive for a fleeting moment of perfection in our never-ending pursuit suggests that the folks at Audi are as big of perfectionists as we are. 

.2 Seconds
I love Audi’s DSG Transmission. However, it’s practically impossible to explain the significance of a dual-clutch system to one who’s understanding of the difference between a standard automatic and manual transmission is limited to “So...I don’t have to do anything with this one?” Audi realized this, so rather than explaining what DSG is, they made their “.2 Seconds” commercial to show how incredibly sophisticated and powerful it is, and in the process, made a very creative ad-spot.

Of all the terrible things that Bugs Bunny does to terrorize Elmer Fudd, nothing upsets the hunter more than when that rabbit plants a big wet smooch right on his lips. I love that Audi adopted the Bugs Bunny philosophy in their “Rings” ad by giving Alfa-Romeo, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, and BMW back-handed compliments all in one commercial. Hats off to the Audi team for this one!

Progress is Beautiful
To be honest, except for the fact that it’s issuing a direct challenge to the folks over at Mercedes-Benz, I was underwhelmed by most of the “Progress is Beautiful” commercial. However, its saving grace is that it boldly makes the statement that changing from a Merc to an Audi represents progress.

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