Laying A Patch: Great Tire Commercials

May 27, 2010

I was watching the hockey game recently and was pummeled mentally not by my team losing in a horrible, humiliating fashion, but rather by the dozens and dozens of crappy ads that ran all night long. Repetitive and insulting beer commercials, questionable GoDaddy commercials, annoying life insurance ads, and other so called creative drivel that marketing departments from many companies had approved probably while on heavy doses of anti-depressants. But there was a really good Bridgestone tire commercial that had me laughing out loud because the premise was odd, and they had chosen an elderly couple in their elderly Cadillac as the subjects of a wild ride that was saved by their Bridgestone tires. Good stuff.

So I said to myself: "Self, why don't you go hunt down some great tire commercials." And I did, and I was pleasantly surprised to find a few that were funny and full of pop culture references. These three ads were really well done, and made me think their branding had gone from macho, high-speed, all-out sports car to something a little deeper. Not sure what they did for tire sales, but hey, that is for the marketing department to figure out. So here goes:

Your Tires or Your Life - Click here to watch this ad, and after you have watched it, don't tell me you didn't love the Mad Max references, not to mention the humor. Is it a bit sexist? Yes, but it was a well done commercial. The futuristic, dark world where tires matter more than your wife. Uh, I mean life. All the same, it's a good ad.

Unexpected Obstacles
 - Another brilliant Bridgestone ad that you can see if you click here. It's a short ad, but it progresses nicely from one road-based threat to the next. First a deer, then Alice Cooper with a snake (how much did they have to pay him for that?) and then the very best idea anyone has had since the Simpsons had a robotic Richard Simpson whose ass exploded (it was an outtake which you can find on Wikipedia). Here they used him as a dancing road obstacle that the driver nearly intentionally runs down and you can't help but smile for many reasons.

The Puncture
 - This Goodyear ad, which you can see here, has all the makings of an adult rated movie, except it's for tires. You don't see a tire, you don't know what is going on, and you could swear its a commercial for condoms, but it ain't. I don't know who pitched this idea to the marketing boys at Goodyear, and I have no idea if there was a groundswell of support for Goodyear tires after this ad, but geez, was it funny. You have to watch it to the end to get it. And you will laugh.

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