Porsche Boxster - Greatest Ad Ever? Maybe

May 24, 2010

I came across this older Porsche Boxster ad recently and thought to myself, this ad summarizes in under two minutes what makes Porsche cars some of the most desirable on the planet. It's about desire, passion and the perfect product.

Watch this ad and tell me you weren't taken with the wonderful story this ad takes you on. If you don't want a Porsche after this, you are either in a coma, dead, or have accidentally had the part of your brain removed that feels emotion. Probably during a botched root canal procedure where the dentist drilled into your cranial lobes when you were under the gas. But I digress.

OK, I am being extreme here, but this ad, about a guy who wakes up from a coma after decades and rediscovers his true "love"--his 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder, really shows what automotive passion is about. And Porsche fans the world over are perhaps some of the most zealous, dedicated, passionate people out there. And I have seen this emotional man-machine rapport from a guy who doesn't own one but knows more about 911s than half the known universe, and two others who do, who are just as in love with their vehicles as is the guy in the ad. 

But back to the ad. This thing is cinema, it isn't just a commercial. There are so many visual metaphors here, I can't begin to count. The scene where the old man takes his Porsche along the long and winding road (no Beatles quips, please) could be the metaphor for the road of life, one that is long, and must be traveled with passion and fun and beauty in all its (automotive) forms.

And what about at the beginning of the ad, when our man who is a little non-plussed with the state of the world goes to his garage to see his "baby" and undresses her slowly, with th sheet slowly revealing a skin of metal beauty. His reaction is nothing short of seeing an old flame who hasn't aged a minute. He fires up the car and it's a sound that can only be described as an automotive sound track that makes your heart beat faster. You'd swear he's just had some kind of physical, uh, "gratification" performed on him as the internal combustion music caresses his body.

He pulls away, his wife looks on from the kitchen window (apparently in shock) as though she's seen her man dump her for something better (if not necessarily younger). As he rolls along, you see the sheer joy in his face from just being at and about with the love of his life. Nothing could be better. And then youth enters the picture and suddenly things take on a new angle.

The symbolism and imagery are pretty clear - here comes the new blood in his new Porsche Boxster, who is utterly smitten by the old guys Porsche 550, and he gives chase. It's the young pup chasing down the master, begging, hounding him, wanting to be see the automotive legend up close. It's the young up-and-comer chasing down the lightly aged rock star.

And then, when they are side by side, past beside present, there is a long exchange of glances, two automotive slaves, two dedicated Porschephiles, who see intense beauty in each other's mechanical steeds. There is envy and respect. There is passion and love, and probably most importantly, desire.

And then youth kicks in, there is the downshift, the Boxster engine roars it's six-cylinder raspy song and the future barrels ahead into the distance. 

What an ad, what a movie, and man, do I ever want a Porsche now more than I ever did. Maybe there is a rich relative somewhere who is about to bequeath me some cash... I can dream, can't I?

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