Top Five New Car Bargains

May 23, 2010

If you are like most people you probably think the only good automotive deals come from the used car section of an auto dealership. With new car prices generally so astronomical, who on earth can afford to choose a car from the showroom where the cars are shinier and the salespeople don’t wear polyester?

But did you know there is a reason why buying a used car terrifies so many level headed people? Because when you buy used, you are pretty much on your own. Another issue with buying a used car is that you don’t know who owned it before you did. You may fastidiously service your car at the exact mileage and never ate inside the last car you leased but most people don’t care that much.

Well, there are also people who are utterly averse to taking any risk whatsoever meaning that every car they buy must be a good value, have no previous owner, have a long warranty and look “classy yet understated.” Also, no vehicles are allowed that feature spurious slashes in the exterior bodywork (a personal pet peeve) or tacky looking interior colors and trims to mast the material quality. As follows are five of the top value new cars on sale today. 

2010 VW Golf : (Starting at $17,490) 

A German built car for $17 grand? Does it come with a steering wheel? That it does, and an artfully crafted, leather wrapped one at that. The interior of this bargain basement new VW hatch does in no way belie the price. The dashboard is covered in soft touch plastics, dials are clear for easy viewing and all of the buttons and switches move with an expensive slickness. A 170 horsepower 2.5 liter 5 cylinder is standard and returns 22 city/30 highway via automatic or manual transmission.  

Standard items include power windows, locks, air conditioning, ABS, cruise control, 8 speaker iPod ready touchscreen audio system, six airbags and much more. Among the options are Bluetooth and a six speed automatic. While the more practical 4-door Golf is a couple grand more, you will be shocked at how much of your junk you can fit into a 2010 Golf.

Hyundai Genesis Sedan  : (Starting at $32,250)

Whether it is with the perfectly adequate 3.8 liter 280 horsepower 6 cylinder or the riotously fun 368 horsepower 4.6 liter V8, the Genesis is never less than the perfect gentleman. The ride is smooth like you find in a Lincoln or Lexus and drives a bit like an old school American luxury car that suddenly developed some moves. But never at the expense of ride comfort so if you want a Korean BMW wait a little while longer.

But Hyundai does have most every luxury car beat with its incredible value for money. . Add in Hyundai’s typically low running costs and a ten year/100,000 mile warranty and you have a luxury car package that really can’t be beat. Anything more is sheer vanity.

Toyota Prius : (Starting at $22,000)

(51 city/48 highway)—With that kind of pricing and that level of fuel economy you really can’t beat a 2010 Prius.  Upgraded for the 2010 model year, the Toyota Prius now has a larger 1.8 liter gas engine that not only has more power but is also more fuel efficient. And despite one brake recall, it continues to be the most reliable family car in the country.

Other helpful new features include an optional solar panel moonroof that powers a fan to keep the inside cool on hot days while the Prius is parked. That is an ingenious idea that should be well appreciated by Prius owning dog lovers. The interior of the 2010 Prius is also more upscale than last generation with more futuristic styling cues and higher quality trim.

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