Weeklong Roadtest: Is the 2010 Honda Accord EX Family Sedan for You?

May 22, 2010

Once you have driven a fair number of family sedans as a road tester you really begin to be able to hone in on the subtle nuances which separate the average models from the truly legendary. So when you are asked to test drive an icon like the 2010 Honda Accord EX sedan, the natural journalistic media reaction is to try and find flaws, noises or anything negative just to take a well respected carmaker down a notch or two. Heck, we love to do it to celebrities so why not cars!


Lord knows why the Camry is number one in U.S. sales since that car is about as fun to drive as a giant vat of Tapioca Pudding but in light of recent events there really is no fun to be had anymore in making fun of a Toyota. But don’t cry for Toyota, sales of the Camry are up again thanks to huge incentives, warranty extensions and an all around impersonation of GM-style sales desperation.


But what about the 2010 Accord EX sedan and the still bulletproof reputation for reliability this company still enjoys? Does this model Accord have some horrible flaw just waiting to be exposed? Is there finally evidence that Honda takes part in the industry practice of “cost-cutting” to improve profits?


Sadly, no, this is going to be another very boring article extolling the virtues of the 2010 Honda Accord EX sedan. This might possibly be the most perfect family sedan ever made. Every piece of this car feels solidly built from the bank vault like doors to the way the transmission shift lever moves from Park to Drive and in the way all the knobs and switches on the dash look like they will no doubt work exactly the same in 20 years time. Heck, probably even in 30 years.  


My EX model came with the standard 2.4 liter 190 horsepower VTEC 4-cylinder that is not only one of the smoothest four cylinders ever made but it also gives drivers plenty of power for any passing situation. With a five speed automatic like the one optioned in our silver hued test vehicle, the EPA estimates a 2010 Honda Accord EX will return 21 miles per gallon city/31 highway all on regular unleaded gas. (Hey, premium gas is expensive!)


The interior of the Accord is a supremely comfortable place to sit with plenty of space for five. This interior comfort, however, never goes to the point where the 2010 Accord leaves its roots as a true driver’s car behind. Because at its core, the reason the Accord has always succeeded wasn’t because it was just reliable, roomy and has always had a logically nuanced dashboard design. No, Accords have spirit, personality and an engineered in precision that have always made them fun to drive.


During mountain road driving maneuvers all controls are easily reached without having to take your eyes off the road or the easy to read gauges in front of you. The lettering on some of the dash buttons may seem comically large to some but it makes perfect sense to label buttons in this way as the Baby Boomers who buy a lot of Accords each year are starting to age. Not to say that is why Honda did this with the current generation Accord but it would make sense.


The Accord has a voluminous 14 cubic foot trunk for those weekly family trips to the local Costco or Sam’s Club. Beyond Honda’s knack for packaging, the 2010 Honda Accord is also impressive because of its near perfect ride/handling compromise that keeps the ride smooth all the while cutting out body roll in corners (try that in an Altima). The steering rack on 2010 Accord EX sedan models offers so much feedback and feel that it will make even a trip to see your in-laws seem like a joyride.

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