76 Gas Tries To Show That It’s on the Driver's Side With Clever Gadgets

May 16, 2010

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“Now that I have your attention, you must tell me: Where did you get those lovely sunglasses?” the robotic voice that dwells inside my cell phone asked the police officer after being pulled over for speeding. No response met the polite inquiry. The mechanical voice persisted: “The hospital needs my kidney.” Silence. The tinny voice continued: “I was rushing to put out a fire at my doughnut factory.” Finally, the officer breaks his stone-faced wall of disinterest and bursts into gales of laughter. At least that’s the idea behind 76’s new Ticket Talker 3000 application.

The free application, meant to entertain rather than promote speeding, is part of the gas giant’s marketing campaign based around the slogan “We’re on the driver’s side.” It features a big orange button with the 76 logo, which, when pressed, recites random excuses for why you were speeding. It may not get you out of a ticket, but it’s definitely entertaining enough to download and play with for a few minutes.

But maybe you don’t need to get out of a ticket. Maybe what you really need is just a few minutes of peace and quiet--a respite from the onslaught of questions beginning with “Why” that is spewing out of the backseat. Well, 76 has you covered there too. Next time your kids aren’t giving you a break from their incessant curiosity, try calling the WhyStopper hotline (1-888-WHY-STOP) and then handing the phone over to your kids. On the other end of this toll-free line, a friendly and cheerful sounding woman will regale your youngsters with random facts and trivia that’s sure to satisfy their need to know. For example, did you know that “the average human head weighs eleven pounds?” Or that “a dog can have as many as 24 puppies at one time?” More importantly, isn’t that exactly the kind of stuff that your kids love to learn?

Ticket Talker 3000 is available now for the Apple iPhone, Blackberry, and Microsoft smartphones and is coming soon for Android.

Click here to check out 76's humorous commercials featuring the Ticket Talker 3000 and the WhyStopper.

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