BMW Joy: The Ultimate Marketing Machine

May 16, 2010

Today I had the magnificent pleasure of driving a BMW 2002 tii and I came away not just happy, but filled with automotive joy. I'll come back to why I chose the word “joy” in a bit. Each time I started up the car, a smile came over my face and all I could do was revel in the elemental automotive purity this car possesses.

Purity unlike you'll find in most of today's cars, especially those made by manufacturers whose greatest success is isolating the driver from the road, and thereby the experience. Yes, I'm referring to Lexus, Lincoln, Toyota, Hyundai, and the list goes on. But not BMW, or at least not this one I drove.

So what does this have to do with the BMW ad I am about to point you to?

Check out this BMW TV ad called “BMW. Jump for Joy” and tell me you aren't impressed with the creativity. It's right on where there are a pack of fantastic ads that remind you that BMW makes not only the "Ultimate Driving Machine" (a tag line that rivals Porsche's in my mind), but that BMW is also the Ultimate Marketing Machine.

What makes this ad so great? It's that all these BMW drivers are just short of obsessed with their vehicles. They will do bizarre things just to get into their cars. It's about extreme love for a vehicle that causes these owners joy when they drive it. I particularly loved the guy who jumped off the roof of his house in the 1-Series cabrio, an inspired directorial move. And the guy who races his mountain bike at top speed right into the trunk of his (admittedly not so lovely looking) 5-Series GT was hysterical. The couple that leaps into the 3-Series simultaneously was a nice gymnastic touch, too.

I felt that same joy in abundance when I drove the 2002 tii this afternoon. I would do a ridiculous double-backflip with a fish hop into the driver's seat every morning despite the damage it would do to my sclerotic hips because that vehicle gives me joy. Do I sound like a shill for BMW? Yes, but they aren't paying me a cent, I am just a fan of their cars, and in particular of their ads. They are great and this one I think stands out even more than many of their other gems.

Enjoy the BMW joy.

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