Best Places To Tailgate

May 11, 2010

One of the best parts of the NFL season is the few hours before the game where you get to hang out with friends and enjoy a cold beer or two, or maybe twelve. But once you become an all-star tailgater, there’s more to consider than just what type of beef hotdogs to bring. Trucks and SUVs play a major role in the tailgating experience.

Without much research, the average individual could tell that the term “tailgating” derives from partying around the “tailgate” of a vehicle. A flat surface is one of the necessities in order to hold food, drinks, and your “finger” to taunt other participants with. Trucks have a flat surface to put your items on, but what SUVs have been “tailgate approved”?

Two SUVs stand out as true stars in the tailgating community, and they couldn’t be further away in styles. The first SUV is quite affordable and stylish, the Honda Element. The Element offers something that is usually attributed with a truck, an actual tailgate. But the goodness doesn’t stop there. The Element also has a great deal of cargo space to store all your tables, TVs, and cases of beer.

Similar to the Element in features, but opposite in style, is the Lincoln Navigator, a gas guzzling large luxury SUV whose auto insurance premiums are unimaginable. Due to its size, it has an incredible amount of cargo space and a flat surface to serve food.

Below is a list of the best events to tailgate at:
1. NFL
3. Concerts
4. Major League Baseball
5. College Sports

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