Chevrolet Gets Into The Game With Baseball App For iPhone, iPad

May 10, 2010
The Chevy Baseball App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod

The Chevy Baseball App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod

The Chevy Baseball App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod

The Chevy Baseball App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod

Last summer, Chevrolet scored big with product placements in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Though the movie was fairly forgettable, folks remembered the cars featured in it, especially the Chevy Camaro. This year, Audi will probably walk away with the best film deal of the summer (seriously, that R8 is everywhere), but Chevrolet has other marketing tricks up its sleeve -- namely a baseball-themed app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Chevrolet has been a longtime sponsor of Major League Baseball -- in fact, we mentioned just a couple of weeks ago how Chevy was using a baseball field makeover contest to gain brand awareness and to beef up its image as a socially responsible corporation. (Given the opinion many Americans had of Chevy after last year's GM bailout, the brand could probably use a little help.)

The Chevy Baseball app [iTunes link] leverages the company's MLB sponsorship even further, and its mobile format should appeal to a young-ish, hip-ish demographic. The app includes a free version of Flick Baseball, which features a number of in-game promos for Chevrolet -- including an impossible-to-miss ad for the Chevy Camaro sitting behind home plate. But the real advertising happens in the "Chevy Dugout", where users can learn more about select Chevrolet models like the Camaro, Corvette, Equinox, Malibu, and Silverado. And just to make sure that folks take a spin through the ad-heavy area, that's where the app designers have placed the entry form for a contest to win tickets to the 2010 All Star Game.

Unfortunately, our love of Flick Baseball (one of the best sports games we've seen on handheld devices) was outweighed by frustration with the contest portion of the app. We raced through the dugout to submit our entry -- no easy task on an iPhone in landscape mode -- only to discover that the contest form petered out on page two, meaning that there was no way for us to enter the contest and win. Nine ways to Sunday we tried, but we kept striking out.

If the developers at Small Planet Digital (who built the app) are reading this, please note: the videogame is nice, and checking out the rides is cool, but none of that compares to the allure of winning tickets to the All Star game. As Gene Shalit might say: the game's a home run, but the rest of the app isn't ready for the major leagues just yet.

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Play Ball Courtesy of Chevrolet: Chevy Baseball App Available


Chevy Baseball, an exhibition game version of Flick Baseball Pro, available now on the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

App includes access to the Chevy Dugout where players can learn more about Chevrolet vehicles and enter for a chance to win a trip to the 2010 All Star Game.

DETROIT- Chevrolet is offering iPhone, iPod touch and iPad owners a chance to play a fully 3D simulation baseball game and a chance to win a trip to attend the 2010 All Star Game* with Chevy Baseball, a new application from Freeverse.

Users can play multiple three or nine inning games with life-like control of pitching and hitting via the accelerometer and simple tap to throw fielding mechanics. Chevy Baseball also includes a fun catching mini-game and a Spring Training tutorial mode to teach newcomers the ropes.

The app also allows players access to the Chevy Dugout where fans can learn more about select Chevy vehicles like the all-new 2010 Chevrolet Camaro and Equinox as well as enter for a chance to win a trip to the 2010 All Star Game.* 

"We think the Chevy Baseball App is a take on two American icons delivered in a modern way," said Jim Campbell, U.S. vice president Chevrolet Marketing. "The program is designed to give baseball fans the opportunity to experience some of the magic of America's favorite pastime, and provides information on our cars, crossovers and trucks from Chevrolet.”

To bring this game to life, Chevrolet partnered with Small Planet Digital, a software developer with a particular concentration on the iPad and iPhone platforms.

Players can also send Postman postcards to all their favorite social networks to brag about their baseball skills. Plus+ integration allows players to track their progress around the world with online leaderboards and unlockable awards.


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