If You Cheat On Your Spouse, Make Sure To Hide Your Car First

April 28, 2010

Most people agree that cheating on your spouse is wrong. But it happens.

Now a new survey explores what can happen when the spouse finds out, and the results should give pause to anyone with wandering eyes: If you cheat, you put your car in grave danger.

A poll done in the United Kingdom by the British firm Autoglass--which replaces broken car windows--revealed that 60 percent of the 3,000 survey respondents would try to get revenge if they learned their husband or wife was cheating on them.

And fully 10 percent of the women would go after their husband's car as a way to make him pay. Women, it turns out, were more likely to want revenge than men. The Welsh were most vengeful, while the Scots were most likely to physically attack the errant partner.

How the vengeful spouses chose to target the car varied with age. The youngest group (19 to 21 years old) would damage the paintwork, while those 22 to 25 years old were most likely to smash the windshield.

Social worker Irina Fairstein, quoted in The New York Daily News, compared targeting a man's car to kicking him in the crotch--though she said that once the temporary rush of the act wears off, "most people" come to regret their actions.

Perhaps reflecting age and wisdom, those 31 to 35 would simply sell the car and pocket the cash. And over 50, spouses turned passive-aggressive, spending as much money as possible while giving the cheating mate the silent treatment.

Other methods of revenge included putting laxatives in the partner's food, or attacking their clothes.

Silent treatment ... laxatives ... hmmmmmm. Makes a smashed windshield--which can easily be replaced--not seem so bad, doesn't it?

[Independent via New York Daily News]

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