Ten Reasons To Buckle Your Seat Belts

April 27, 2010

1. You are less likely to lose your life in a car accident if you wear a seatbelt.
When death draws near, the lesson that most walk away with is the value of day-to-day life. Risking the value of life by not clicking a seatbelt that has no disadvantages is simply mind boggling.

2. Pavement and skin don’t mesh well.
When your vehicle makes a sudden stop, unfortunately you don’t. It’s the science of inertia that keeps you moving forward. Flying out of your car at highway speeds of 70 mph to slide across some pavement face first doesn’t sound like too much fun.

3. It’s the law.
No one likes getting busted, especially when it’s for petty crimes that we feel are a waste of a cop’s time and our money. While your first offense might only be around $100, on your second or third offense, you can expect Uncle Sam to take nearly $1,000 out of your back pocket.

4. Airbags are much less productive when you aren’t wearing a seat belt.
Airbags are designed to strike your upper chest and ensure that you stay in place. But when your body turns in awkward positions after a collision, who knows where it might end up smacking you.

5. If you aren’t wearing a seat belt in a collision, auto insurance might not cover your claim.
Imagine getting in an accident that is completely the other driver’s fault, yet having to foot the bill for your own expenses. This could very well become your nightmare if you decide that you’re too cool for a seat belt.

6. Modern seatbelt warning alarms are just plain annoying.
Sparing the annoying onomatopoeia, the constant beeps, honks, and random noises that you car uses to remind you to buckle up don’t go away.

7. The windshield will thank you.
Glass and skin aren’t the best of friends. Flying into a window after carelessly not putting on your seatbelt will result in a forced relationship that is destined to fail.

8. Sudden breaking won’t throw you forward.
While examining your surroundings, you’ll find yourself slamming on the breaks to ensure that you don’t run an unexpected red light. While your vehicle comes to an abrupt stop, you won’t. Wearing your seatbelt can prevent this awkward and rather aggravating occurrence.

9. Lower auto insurance premiums if you are a “good driver”.
“Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there,” unless you’re a really bad driver. If you fail to wear your seatbelt and get tickets for it frequently, don’t expect your auto insurance company to be able to present you with affordable premiums.

10. Cool people wear seatbelts.
Most people don’t forget to put their seatbelts on when they get in the car and drive to their destination. Wearing your seat belt is the new cool thing. Join the millions who value life.

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