5.7-Liter Toyota Tundra TRD Packs 504-Horsepower Punch

March 5, 2010

If a mere 381 horsepower in your Tundra just simply doesn't get your heart rate up, Toyota has a pretty nifty packageTundSC-2.jpg you can get, that pumps the 5.7-liter V-8 up to an autobahn-burning 504 horsepower and stump pulling 550 pound-feet of torque and its no joke. The package is listed in the TRD parts guide and can be ordered across the counter from Toyota dealerships.

The truck begins life as a base SR5 regular cab before the crew at TRD gets their hands on it, where they bolt on the $5875 Eaton Twin Vortices supercharger and a $1,065 cat-back dual exhaust system. Add to that TRDs big brake kit with 16 cross-drilled rotors sporting TundSC-4.jpgmassive six piston matching red brake calipers for $2795, a package that hauls the nearly 5200-pound truck to a stop from 60-0 mph in less than 130 feet. The 22 tire and wheel combo costs $4699 and adding the TRD lowering suspension, TRD rear anti-sway bar and the hard tonneau cover, the total for this hot rod pick came to $45,656.

Common sense aside, this is one very cool truck and while I'm not usually a truck guy, I have enjoyed driving the Ford Lightning and the Dodge Ram SRT10 and now this bad boy, and while none of these trucks makes a whit of sense, they were and are a blast to drive, especially this one. It probably goes without saying that my week in, what some refer to as the "Thundra," went way too quickly. The come and get me red Tundra has a great look as the lowering kit brings the truck down about 2 inches in the front and 2.5 in the rear. Not only does it look greatTundSC-3.jpg but with all the suspension work and huge 285/35, 22-inch meats, the truck actually handles pretty well albeit with a ride thats a bit choppy but in truth, it just adds to the aura. One thing that took a bit of getting used to was modulating throttle input. It is very responsive to say the least and does require a bit of getting used to.

Driving this supercharged machine is an exercise in restraint because it really wants to fly and keeping the rear tires from spinning was; well lets just say its not easy to do. The supercharger turns the stock 381-horsepower 5.7-liter V-8 into 504-horsepower tire melting monster.  The supercharger and cat-back dual exhaust are the heart of the system that allows powertundra_TRD_supercharged+engine.jpgproducing air to flow freely generating  performance numbers like 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds and a quarter-mile time in the mid-thirteens. Those numbers are that of muscle cars and hardly what you'd expect from a pick up.

I will be the first to admit; jazzing up a truck like this makes no sense at all, may border on excess and certainly doesn't do much for conserving fuel. But when I see how many trucks are on the road today that are clearly not work trucks, I'm sure there are a significant number of people out there that will love having this kind of performance, style and dependability available to them regardless of how much sense it makes. If you want one, check with your Toyota dealer because this is not a production vehicle. That said, when you buy from Toyota and have them install it, no warranties are TundSC-6.jpgvoided although you always check with the dealer for special conditions to warranties

One thing to keep in mind, just because this truck has all the goodies you'll find on muscle cars, its still a truck which means it really isn't well suited for racing through twisties, its nose heavy and trust me when I say the rear-end will get away from you in a heartbeat. But that aside, it is definitely a thrill ride and I'd love to do it all over again.

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