Get Your Used Car in Shape... To Sell! (part 1)

February 11, 2010

Used Car SalesmanIn the middle of this recession, new car sales are slow, but used car sales remain strong and competitive.  In this 5-part series you will learn how you can successfully prepare and sell your used car yourself, and come out on top!

When it comes time to sell your used car, don't assume that anyone will be able to see the beauty that lies beneath the filth, clutter or deferred maintenance. The fact is that most used car buyers are turned off by a used car that's dirty or messy, or one that needs maintenance and repairs.  Most people don't want a "project car", and they don't expect to spend a day cleaning and shining something they just paid good money for.  That work is the seller's job.  It's your job!

Used car shoppers expect the vehicle you are offering for sale to be neat and 100% in order.  If it isn't, they won't even consider getting out their checkbook.

When it comes to making a decision about buying your car or a comparable, tidy used car down the street for the same money, buyers almost always choose the cleaner car with documented maintenance.  In short, to have a successful sale, you need to make your car the cleanest example available.

To get started, I suggest thinking like a buyer, not a seller.  What would you be looking for in a used car?  Does the car youre selling stack up to your own requirements?

Getting your used car ready to sell is about taking care of all the details.  You need to remove a qualified buyers potential objections so that you can get to a yes.

When your car is completely in order, the only thing you and a buyer have to discuss is price.  And, you have the best example of the car your buyer wants, youre more likely to get the price you want.

In Part 2 were going to discuss how to best prepare your used car to get it sold.
David Bynon is an automotive industry blogger, online community builder, computer science author, and co-author of multiple patents for car care products.  Founder and former owner of the Autopia forum, Bynon loves finely detailed vehicles of all makes and vintage.  You can tune-in to his blog at or follow him on
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