Five Traffic Ticket Myths Busted! Page 2

February 12, 2010
2011 Chevrolet Caprice Police Car

2011 Chevrolet Caprice Police Car

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3 - The Disappearing (never existing) Points

I'll admit, I had never heard of this one before. Apparently it's generally accepted knowledge that you can fool the system with a series of check writing scams, and prevent an offense from ever showing up on your record. Here is the procedure. Once you've been fined, you mail the court a check for the amount of the fine, plus a few bucks. The court will then mail you back a check for the money you over paid. Supposedly if you never cash that last check, the case will stay open, and you'll never get the points.

Busted! The points are posted to your record immediately, regardless of how you pay your fine.


4 - Interfering With The Radar

Attaching chains to the bottom of your car, or aluminum foil to your hubcaps, or hanging a CD from your rear-view mirror will confuse a cop's radar gun, making it impossible for it to accurately detect your speed. This sounds plausible, in a James Bond sort of way.

Busted! The radar will still work, and if you're speeding, the officer will still know.


5 - Radar Detector

I've seen so many people blow past me on the highway sporting radar detectors suction-cupped to their windshields. I've got to say, I'm surprised to see that people still buy those things.

Busted! They certainly don't make you invincible to radar - especially when you're doing 20 mph over the limit, assuming you'll get away with it.

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