How To Play Donk Bingo

January 27, 2010

no titleHave you ever played Donk Bingo?

Me neither.

Next question: Do you know what a "donk" is?

I just learned.  I had seen them before, but the official term is news to me.

I won't get into the roots of the term itself, but feel free to let your imagination work on that.  If you're a faithful People Of Walmart or You Drive What? reader, there's a good chance you've already seen one too.

If not, let me explain.  Picture a Caprice sedan, lifted about 7" and sitting on 24" rims.  Okay, that's nothing new, I know, but maybe you know where I'm headed.

Now picture this: a McDonald's paint job.  How about Skittles, Reese's, Trix, Pepsi or Shrek?

There are obvious reasons for putting 24", or even 30" wheels on an average sedan--the main one being to attract attention.  Combine massive rims with a lifted suspension, candy paint, scissor doors, and plenty of bling, and you're going to turn some heads.  That's you're basic donk recipe. They've become somewhat common at this point, and it's going to take something more than big rims to really get people's attention.  Candy-wrapper paint jobs are intended to do exactly that.

Supposedly people in areas with an abundance of donks have begun playing games to keep track of sightings.  The goal of these contests would be to document sightings of as many different brand representations as possible.  Some even offer prizes.  Some of the donk guys even have a serious fan base.  While many hardcore enthusiasts would be embarrassed to be seen in one of these creations, there are plenty of onlookers who would love the chance to ride shotgun.

Surprised by this trend?  I mean, an M&M's logo doesn't exactly scream "gansta," does it? No, but the inspiration behind this new "tuner" image is to make these donks stand out more than ever before.  Just a few years ago, the thought of an old Monte Carlo up on 24-inch wheels seemed ridiculous.  It still is, but that's exactly the point.

The thing is, people aren't quite as shocked or surprised by it anymore.  Window tint, chrome, candy paint, and even huge rims on lifted suspensions just don't stand out like they used to.  It's going to take something totally uncharacteristic of a normal car to catch our attention now.

Candy wrapper and cartoon character paint jobs certainly stand out, right?

I just wonder what will be next.

[Image: Wikipedia Commons]

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