Audi TT RS Roadster

January 20, 2010

Today the test driver Gary Hunter drove the Audi TT RS and boy did he have fun.

Gary Hunter " The moment i put the key in the ignition of the Audi TT RS and turned to hear a fantastic roar of the deep exhaust tones I thought to myself maybe the TT isnt a girls car, however i was not allowing this excitement to change my opinion YET!".

As I pulled from the dealer forecourt and to the lights calmly i could feel the throttle asking to floored but as not to upset the generous audi dealer that agreed the test drive I waited for atleast another 3 seconds of pulling from the lights before i could resist no longer and put the pedal to the metal!! Instantly i was thrown back in my seat, the audi's quattro four wheel drive system producing fantastic grip for the 340 bhp engine to rip through the gears, the smile that appeared on my face was nothing short of a 6 ear old boy finding a brand new bike on christmas morning. Over the next four hours i visited everyone i could to demonstrate just how fantastic this car was.

The opinions that follow are from the people i visited.

Best Friend

On ringing to see if he had a spare 10 mins he replied no he was at work and could not leave the line he manage, my reply of oh well never mind i was just going to show you this audi TT rs i have on test was met with GIVE ME 30 Seconds and I'll be outside! He also thought TT were girls cars....he thinks this one isnt!!

My better half

After asking me to take a picture and sending it she proclaimed that looks the dogs bollocks, after 5 minutes in the passenger seat when i picked her up she proclaimed i would not be allowed to have one. she values my life to much.


He pretty much repeated the words of my better half in that he likes having a son and thinks my mentality in the TT RS would lead to disaster.



In Summary

This Audi looks awesome, handles awesome, and will keep up with ferraris, porsches and lamborghinis NUFF SAID!

If you would like an audi TT RS on lease or any other audi deals follow the link.

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