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January 3, 2010

2010 Dodge Charger 4-door Sedan R/T RWD *Ltd Avail* Front Exterior View

There are some very solid reasons for departments to be making the switch, too. Aside from the gas savings we've already mentioned, there are some performance specs that have to be seen to be believed. We'd believe them because they come from the Allpro.com site which reported on a comparo that was done by the Michigan State Police as they were looking for replacements for their Crown Vics.

The contenders in the comparison were the Charger, Chevy Impala (standard 3.9-liter V-6 and E85 multifuel), Chevy Tahoe (5.3-liter V-8 and E85 multifuel) and two versions of the Crown Vic with different final ratios that were supposed to show the Crown Vic still had some kick left.

The Chargers, by the way were the 3.5-liter V-6 version, and the 5.7-liter Hemi that cranks out 370 horsepower and is limited to a 140 mph top end (California Highway Patrol tests have shown the Charger Hemi will do 165 and there's still room for a little more).

Here are some very dry statistics that shows just how good a car the Charger R/T is in police pursuit getup: city/highway mileage 16/25 (5.7L), the 3.5-liter version only averages 17 in the city and the same number on the highway (25). The Malibus, both V-6 models that shut down three cylinders when cruising, averaged 18 or 19 city and about 29 highway, but had a lower top-end speed of 139, while the Tahoe had a higher top-end than the Crown Vic at 133 to the Ford's 129. The Charger R/T 5.7 Hemi reaches 100 in 14 seconds while the rest of the crowd takes up to 22 seconds to hit the same speed and the Hemi had the shortest stopping distance 137 feet from 90 while the Malibus, Tahoes and Crown Vics are in the mid-140s. Finally, in the handling run, the Charger blew the doors of the others in the handling competition, knocking nearly 4 seconds off the competition.

Chargers endorsed

Ride and handling were good and the body pan was stable in pursuit. Altogether, it's a good vehicle. Indeed, the Michigan State Police gave it high marks as did the independent testing of the California Highway Patrol. Local departments are endorsing it, too, with their purchasing dollars so the Chrysler Corp. has done something right with the Charger.

Actually, it's great seeing a nice sleek black and white fly past you with its lights on and hooter blasting, the Charger just looks the part. The Crown Vic, while it still looks great, just doesn't look as good. It's like going to the opera in tails and tophat and wearing white sox and sneakers versus just the right cutaway and polished black shoes and the right tie that's the Charger.

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