Five Fun Sedans for TALL Drivers

December 29, 2009

If you're tall, you already know people like us don't fit in things as well as average sized people do. Cars are too small, clothes are too short, doorways are too low, flying is miserable, and beds can't hold us.  How tall are we talking about... 6'0"... 6'3"?

How about 6'9"?

That's right, I'm talking about cramming small giants into average sized passenger cars.  Here's five that will fit your big self, and don't ride like a boat.

Modern automotive design methods have allowed engineers to maximize the space inside today's sedans, SUVs and even sports cars and compacts.  This means those of us out beyond the bell curve are getting more options than ever before.  Here are five you can get your hands on (and ridiculously long legs in) right now.

Tall people of the world rejoice!  Ok, put your hands down, I can see your belly buttons.

2010 Cadillac CTS

It's like discovering that pair of jeans you saw on your favorite rockstar is available with a 37-inch inseam.

The CTS is built to be nimble and quick, but it's quite comfortable and luxurious.  The CTS offers superb luxury, excellent ride, and plenty of features.  Road noise is minimal, and the driver's seat is just a nice place to be.  Cadillac has just introduced the sport wagon version of the CTS as well, which shares the comfort and performance of the sedan, but gives you a little more space.

What makes it fun?  Available drivetrain options like a 300+ hp V-6, RWD, and a manual transmission make this just as much a sports car as it is a luxury car.  It really does both quite nicely.  It makes cruising around town or on the highway a pleasure, but drop the hammer on a twisty backroad and you'll see why this isn't your grandfather's Cadillac.  It's also got a great lineup of options and technology to help you enjoy long trips or a boring commute.  Oh, and it's pretty sharp looking.  If price is no concern, there's the CTS-V, which will rock your socks off, thanks to racecar-like handling, and Corvette-like power.

So, how's the fit?  The CTS tops my list because it has the most head and leg room.  I could have put the seat too far back, if I wanted, and still had a couple of inches of head room while seated in a comfortable upright position.  Controls are well positioned, and easy to access.  With the seat that far back, don't expect to have tons of space behind it, although I took three average sized passengers along comfortably for the test drive.

Ok, what's not to like?  Adding options will make the price grow rather quickly.

Infiniti G37

Like riding a roller coaster without the fear of your limbs dangling too far outside the harness.

Infiniti's G and M sedans are some of Japan's best examples of modern day muscle cars. Combine the quality and reliability Japan is known for with performance that rivals some of Germany's best, and you've got yourself the Infiniti G.  Although the G is not the roomiest of the five sedans, it may be the most exciting.  The G has aggressive styling to match it's performance, and plenty of up-to-date features and technology to keep things interesting.

What makes it fun?  The 2010 model sedan gets the 3.7L V-6 with an impressive 328 hp.  The Sport 6MT package transfers motive power to the road via a manual gearbox and RWD.  This combination will require a tight grip on the steering wheel.  Speaking of bracing yourself, the G37 provides surprisingly excellent handling and grip for a sedan it's size.  It will easily outrun the other four sedans here (not counting the CTS-V).  The G also offer some subtle features, such as automatic shift mode with paddle shifters and downshift rev matching (on the automatic transmission), pushbutton start, and a gage cluster that tilts with the wheel so you can always see it.  The G37 is a major ego booster.

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