What's Next? a La-Z-Boy and a Wine Cellar?

December 20, 2009

Heres something only a true workaholic could love, provided, of course, that his car never moved. As we thumbed through some interesting websites this a.m., we came across the Laptop Steering Wheel Desk, a device only a true workaholic or a raving idiot will love.


This little beauty, you can find it on Amazon right now, a Cyberguys product, slips in between you and the steering wheel and is wide enough  to provide a desktop surface so that you never have to take your eyes off the screen, wherever you are.


Ah, the joys of simple technology that lead to ultimate stupidity. Does anyone in their right mind think that this wont be installed by the hundreds as so-called masters of the universe or young folks who have been brought up on the joys and necessity of staying in touch and working at all times, even at 85 all over an Interstate, fumble their way through reading and writing documents while moving along with traffic?


It would appear the Wheel Desk would be welcomed by the hundreds of high-rollers (police talk for speeders) who now must find ways to balance their iPhones or Blackberries or Palms on that inconvenient device the steering wheel while conducting whatever it is they are conducting rather than just concentrating on the distracting task of driving.


After all, driving is just driving, right? Anyone can do it and, to many would-be masters-of-the-universe, its time they should be using productively to keep the wheels of commerce turning.  Theyre the important ones right? So, its up to everyone else to get out of their way so they can keep their eyes glued to tiny screens doing their important stuff?


It is important stuff, right? It wouldnt be a fantasy football league, would it? Or, how about setting up a lunch date; it wouldnt be that, would it? Ill be darned if I know, but I do know one little thing these drivers of the economy seem to have either conveniently overlooked or have forgotten cars can kill you or someone else and no amount of saying Im sorry! It wont happen again! will bring people back!


And now we have the Wheel Desk thats just the right size for a laptop to fit between the driver and wheel while keeping the wheel free to turn!  Hmmm, do you think theyll use their teeth to steer? Its a legitimate question. Do you think theyll use their barefooted feet or maybe were reverting to our tailed cousins that have prehensile tails; maybe thats it? And, think of it, all this enjoyment for $24.95, plus shipping.

Give me a break; no matter what people think they can do or control, the odds are stacked against them. A simple cellphone conversation is so distracting; you might as well have had that multi-martini breakfast. AAA puts it at the equivalent of a blood alcohol level of .8, the level of alcohol where you are presumed drunk and thats only cellphones. Add in laptops and iPhones and Blackberries and Lords knows what the figure would be.

This is one item that should stay off Christmas lists this  -- or any year. Its just too dangerous.

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