Why Are There "Chick Cars," "Guy Cars," "Gay Cars," and "Lesbian Cars?"

November 16, 2009

How is it that the Mercedes SLK is not considered a chick car when there is a Neck Scarf that blows warm air over your hair and shoulders? Perfect for the young lady late for work for the second time this week, wouldn't you say? Granted, some men like Led Zeppelin rocker Jimmy Page sport long hair but even despite this current cultural faux pas they would be taken aback if you asked them to go for a ride in an SLK or (horror!) a Mazda Miata.

This is where the whole spin on the guy car, chick car discussion that has raged on for years. But recently a new variant has come visibly onto the scene. As gays and lesbians have come out and are now more visible to straight people they have started to notice our general automotive buying habits. We have all heard that Subaru Foresters are loved by lesbians. That is part of why Subaru even makes TV ads directed at the Gay and Lesbian Community.

As I am a gay man I have spent years trying to figure out what pushes the buttons of these consumers (which generally have higher incomes and spendable cash than their straight counterparts with 8 kids.) I realize that many gay and lesbian couples are adopting or even using surrogates so someday the notion of having gay parents wont be so odd to people.

As with any trend, the hot car in places like West Hollywood, Chelsea and San Francisco can come and go as quickly as The Macarena did. You will always see plenty of roadsters - Miatas, Z4s, Porsche Boxsters, Mint Alfa Romeo Spiders and the current king (or queen), the Audi TT.

So what if gay men like two door sports cars that have tops that can go down?  Why then are straight men belittled if they too want to have a fun to drive convertible that fits into their budget? I think it may have a little to do with the fact that maybe these straight guys are so insecure about their own sexuality they wont allow their friend to buy the car he wants. If you have a good time behind the wheel and it gives you tiny heart palpitations just buy the car.

You know, straight people do drive around in Miatas listening to the latest Britney Spears single at full volume. Seriously, there has to be one at least. Just for fun and through my powers of observation are the five cars favored by the gay and lesbian community. I will not wage my theories as to why lesbians drive Subarus and gay men love the color silver on Audis. Although the highly utilitarian, family oriented cars bought by lesbians couldn't be any more different than the obviously image conscious cars bought by gay men? Is your name on the list?

Lesbians: Top Five

1.       Subaru Forester

2.       Subaru Outback

3.       Saab Sport Combi Wagon

4.       Ford F-150

5.       Hyundai Elantra

Gay Men: Top Five

Mercedes E-Class

Audi A4

Mazda Miata


Jaguar XK Coupe

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