Five Reasons To Buy a VW Golf TDI

November 9, 2009
Lets face it. The latest iteration VW Jetta has been dorky since day one. It looks like a bloated Corolla and while the introduction of a first rate TDI version was a brilliant move to give it just the slightest hint of hipster appeal, this sedan has never been more than an entry level model for students and first time drivers. Thanks heavens, Lord, for bringing us the oh-so-very German VW Golf TDI. (Farewell little Rabbit. Now bunny hop your way into history.)

So what is so great about this new VW Golf TDI? Well, first of all it will show Americans what we have been missing out on for decades. The efficient, fun to drive diesel engined hatchback is the ultimate in green motoring. As someone who worked in a service department that repaired many diesel engined vehicles I can verify these engines can handle epic mileages without pause. And there are fewer things greener than keeping a car for a very long time and rarely needing to repair or service it.

The oil diesels use can be pricey but they need it less often and the TDI is the only diesel engine to pass California's tough emissions regulations without urea injection. You can just guess what urea is and be as grossed out as you want to be that some cars drive around with containers of it near the front of the car. It does make you wonder if you can, ahem, refill it yourself. On that note, here are five great reasons to buy a VW Golf TDI.

The Fuel Efficiency

With current ratings of 30 city/41 highway the Golf TDI will be one of the best ways to get great economy this side of a Prius. While it cant compete with 50 miles per gallon in the city, the TDI also doesnt have to haul around all of that heavy and complex hybrid technology. You also don't have to call out special emergency services technicians after an accident should they need to get you out of your car with the jaws of life. You do know that could mean the difference between life and death for people? Just food for thought.

The Styling

While some have said the 2010 Golf is a very conservative evolution of a very familiar design theme I say it is the best looking Golf since the original. Squat, chunky and with perfectly arranged headlights and taillamps, the Golf is truly classless and timeless. And it looks good as a two door or four door which is a difficult thing to pull off stylistically.

That Classy Dashboard

Seemingly carved out of a hillside of pressurized rubber, the interior of the new Golf redefines posh luxury in its segment. From the perfect placement of the power window controls on the doors to the easy to understand touch pad radio everything is in perfect order. As long as you don't hate chrome ornamentation everywhere (seriously everywhere) you will love the interior of the new Golf. The seats are also covered in a fabric that looks durable enough to withstand a weekend with Courtney Love. Or you niece and nephew.

Utility No Sedan In Its Class Can Beat

There is nothing more utilitarian than a hatchback. You never know when you are going to need to haul an awkward load and the Golf will be there for the long (pardon the pun) haul. Having owned a Golf before I know that I was able to move all of my house belongings in only three trips with the seats folded (granted I was younger then).

It is Green and I am Not Talking About the Color

While there is a shade of grey that VW is selling that looks green in certain light that is not the reason this car is green. This generation Golf has upped the percentage of recycled parts (as has been mandated by European law) and a diesel engine requires none of the extra electronic equipment, rare metals and minerals required by hybrid drivetrains. Its very simple. If I was Kermit the Frog and I was figuring out which green car to promote it would no doubt be the Golf TDI. I guess it isn't so hard being green anymore, now is it?

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