CrasherCarl - EDGR - Snow White Chapter 2

October 27, 2009

CrasherCarl:  EDGR Engineering, Design and Government Regulations



The doctor took his time to educate the jury. They saw a pretty 19-year-old girl who seemed to be happy and healthy. Why are Marilyns parents suing for millions of dollars to pay for her care? Dr. Williams picked up a plastic model of a skull. He held it as if it was facing the jury. Then he separated the halves at the split in the middle and laid down one half. Now he turned the half-skull side toward the jury so they could see a spongy model of the brain within. The brain was suspended at the top by a short rubber band, allowing the mass to jiggle within the skull. As the brain jiggled, Williams told the folks that there is a network of blood vessels that feed the brain from all points around its surface. Some are tiny, like capillary veins. Then he slammed the face of the skull into the heel of his other hand. He did it several times. He asked the jury to focus on the brain bouncing from front to rear within the cavity. Then he took out his pen, moved the tip within the gap between the brain and skull, and spoke.

Many of the tiny blood vessels here have been torn and would be bleeding into this gap. The brain is not like a kitchen sponge. The blood coming in does not soak in. Instead it presses on the outside. The heart continues to bring blood to the injured site. However, it is not becoming an inflammation to heal a hurt.  No, the blood is slowly pressing on the outside of the brain, squeezing it. Within a half hour, the pressure would crush portions causing damage. Other parts of the brain did not get the blood they needed for life.

Williams paused for that to soak in.

In the end, Marilyn had severe brain injury. If there had been obvious facial injuries and if a knowledgeable doctor had been at hand, the blood pressure could have been relieved. It was not. Now, Marilyn does not think like an adult. She is lucky that, unlike many stroke victims, she can control her arms and legs. Now she talks following a lot of therapy in the eighteen months since the accident.

Crash Scene Investigators know of many cases like this. The client in one of my cases was a twenty-year-old boy driving in a sedan with a friend of the same age. Their car, stopped at a traffic light, was rear ended severely by a much larger car. This crumpled the whole trunk of the car. That pushed the back seat ahead against the back of the front seat. The boys seatback flexed back so much that it exposed the top back of his head to the impact. After both cars stopped skidding forward, the front doors were opened and both boys got out. They were angry and shouting. They could not say or do anything to the driver of the other car who was badly hurt too. The kids sat down on the curb in front of the wrecks. They spoke to each other for a while as they waited for the police to arrive. The driver said, Boy I'm getting dizzy.  Then he stopped talking. Finally, he slumped over to his side. He had become child-like forever like Marilyn.

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