The 3 Best Automotive iPhone Applications

October 20, 2009

As an automotive enthusiast, car lover, or gadget guru, there is really only one smartphone suited for all of your needs. The iPhone from Apple is quickly becoming a necessity to car fanatics for many reasons, and its application center or App Store is loaded with programs to help the car community. Here are a few of the newest and most-useful applications available to current iPhone owners.


This application is a must for the speed-limit breakers out there (you know who you are). Trapster is a program that uses the GPS features of the iPhone models to locate your proximity to speed traps, speed cameras and even radar-yielding police officers. It relies on other iPhone users and an online database to keep up-to-date information of where these driving hazards await on-coming speeders.

Trapster is very easy to use and even provides warning sounds to alert the presence of speed traps (so you can safely concentrate on driving). It will even work if your iPhone locks itself (after sitting idle for so long). The best feature of the Trapster App is that its free! This means it is easily accessible and carries thousands of followers to help you along your way.

If you are not an iPhone owner, don't worry. Trapster is now available for certain Blackberry, Android and Nokia smartphones. If you have a cellular telephone without these capabilities, you can always sign up for text message alerts from the folks at

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This App is for the performance and technical geeks out there. Dynolicious is basically a performance meter for your car that measures horsepower, drag race times, handling and even lap times. It uses GPS and iPhone's built-in accelerometers to measure how fast your car is going and how hard it is turning.

It was designed by BunsenTech to replace outdated and expensive car performance monitoring systems (i.e. the infamous G Tech units) and bring new features to a smartphone platform.

Dynolicious is currently available for download on the Apple App Store for $12.99. It is also available for the Blackberry Storm device (only its called Dyno Storm). Be sure to purchase a proper iPhone windshield mount if you expect an accurate data reading during test runs.

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If you find yourself in search of constant maintenance or road-side assistance, then the RepairPal App must be added to your iPhone. This program was designed to provide tune-up tips and locate repair shops.

RepairPal now has capabilities to find car-specific shops, get price estimates, find a tow truck, give garage reviews and even call to make an appointment. It is a must-have App for all car enthusiasts.

By using an online database, RepairPal gets accurate information according to your vehicles make and model. Sadly, there is no support for vehicles built before 1990. However, this App is free to all users and will keep you and your car safe and smart.

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