Why The Hyundai Elantra Touring's $1800 "Price Decrease" Is a Total Misnomer

October 20, 2009

A price decrease happens goods or services are offered for a new, lower price. It is not a price decrease, however, when you strip all of the quality plastic, fabric and sound deadening out of a small car and then remove some many bits of content that it becomes an entirely new car. The Hyundai Elantra recently went through a rather thorough $1800 de-contenting and it shows when compared to the top model. I will actually go so far as to say that this car is now only a shell of what it once was, much like musical career of Britney Spears.


But come on Hyundai, at least Britney can have a comeback. If Hyundai reverses this de-contenting trend then it will have to raise rates again (to a not very expensive $17,000 for the quality of this mini-wagon) and hopefully retain the magic that made this cars interior so special. It seemed like an interior from a car a class or two above honestly. And do you really expect Hyundai Dealers to start selling Elantra Touring 2011 Comeback Show and concert. I would go, of course, just to see the singing Hyundais.

Its not as bad as the basic $10 grand Accent but these steps seems like maneuvers in a backwards direction, right Hyundai?) Isn't it nice build quality and lots of toys for a low price helped get Hyundai where you are today? I don't think Hyundai is well known as wow, they sure can de-content a car might quick cant they?

It isn't like they took out a radar cruise control system or anything that wouldn't be missed. Every piece of soft touch, colored plastic is gone, the moonroof is gone, the audio controls on the steering wheel are gone, it has smaller wheels and tires so its handling is compromised (this used to be a fun to drive car) all the while the seats are no longer covered by a suede-like material but is now something akin to the consistency of damp tissue paper. Oh yes, and the door windows and handles are unpainted. (I guess you have to do that yourself now but it really cheapens the look of the car.) You want your friends to get into your Hyundai and believe you got a bargain, not that you bought a base model stripper from a base model manufacturer.

The Hyundai Elantra Touring really excited me as to where Hyundai was going as a manufacturer. It was the first Hyundai ever that I would have considered driving with no shame. Heck, I was proud of that 2009 model. I wonder if there are any still around on dealer lots?

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