Five Cars I Want Today and Why I Need Them So Badly

October 19, 2009

There are some things like air and sunshine and water that most ordinary human beings need. As a car enthusiast my milky white pigmentation speaks volumes about how I would much rather read car magazines than go outside and enjoy the day. Truth is, the most sun I get is through a vehicles moonroof which in true curmudgeonly fashion I always keep closed.

Car enthusiasts are different. We need, above all else, to be fed and nourished by the driving experience in our personal ride. That is why some never change cars (they found one that works) while still others change cars every six months on that quest for the most fulfilling experience. Car guys remember car information. They are lost when there comes a time to remember faces, places, names, um, license plate numbers.

It is a sometimes fruitless enterprise but there are sometimes just cars that pass by your life that you know could make that sort of Cinematic dream automitve life-partner you have always dreamed of. Here are 5 new 2010 cars that I am sure you could vill the void in my discontented automatic driving soul.  And they are practical, too. Its not like I have Bugatti or Maserati money lying around.

1.)  2010 VW GTI: This five door hatchback is so multi-dimensional and so practical that it could serve most any family purpose. Thankfully it is also without question the most soul affirming, awe inspring car to drive at this or any price. The new Mk6 interior is a revelation that will no doubt keep Audi staffers up at night but when a package comes together this brilliantly do you really want to worry about such things. If there was a car I could own for my entire life, this is it.

2.) Honda Civic Si 4 door: This vehicle makes more sense in four door guise as it turns into a real budget performance sleeper. Cops will never notice you: unless they get a look at that huge spoiler. So why spend all that extra money on a WRX? A cool interior and one of the best shifters in the business for around $20 grand? Sign me up.

3.) Nissan 370Z: I wasnt a huge fan of the 350Z. I thought it was nicefor other people. With the latest redesign the 370Z looks like a landshark and howls like a banshee when you work the still-stiff manual transmission. Utterly impractical but so good. A poor mans Porsche Cayman without all the unnecessary attitude.

4.) Audi A3: You think I wouldnt include a fancier version of the VW GTI on this list? Shame on you. This car is stylish, practical and now comes with the option of diesel power.

5.) BMW 135i: Most people really dislike this car. I adore it for it reminds me of my first automotive love: a far less capable BMW 320i. This car had so little weight over the back ends rainy days were spent trying to keep it out of the shrubbery. Not that I ever told my parents that my first car was so dangerous. Perhaps its time to put my toe in the BMW pool yet again with a sporty two door? Maybe if I take the bus for two years.

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