How a Chevy Silverado Ad Made Me Want To Buy a Ford F-150

September 23, 2009

Each and every day we are inundated by television advertisements for various cars, trucks, minivans and SUVs that are of questionable value to the consumer. To be honest, how often are you swayed to buy a new vehicle after watching slow motion shots of it driving down a wet, windy road most especially when the vehicle in question is a minivan? Not often I would wager.

But it was not until I recently witnessed a Chevy Silverado ad starring pitchman Howie Long that I was actually given reason to buy a competitors vehicle. To put the poor conceptualization of this particular Chevy ad into perspective I must describe how the ad opensthe viewer is shown the back of a 2009 Ford F-150 with the ingenious stowable rear tailgate step ladder lowered. This feature allows people in the bed to lower themselves to the ground safely and with their dignity intact. After doing so owners of the F-150 can fold the step into the tailgate in one seamless motion.

As you watch the ad a construction worker with his hands full lowers himself from the bed, nearly misses the Fords foldable step but is eventually able to steady himself safely onto the ground. Cue Howie Long looking on the scene with a goofy expression on his face after which he mocks the construction workers use of his man step.

After this lame attempt to make fun of a highly usefully innovative (and incredibly popular) feature Howie then intones that the Chevy Silverado has a 5 year powertrain warranty. Well Howie, maybe the Chevy Silverado has a longer powertrain warranty because it needs it.

Why, exactly, would you point out a clever feature found in your competitors product and try to counteract it with a slightly longer warranty? How are either in any way related? Last time I checked Ford had quality rankings on par with both Honda and Honda. Chevy did not.

This advertisement is further evidence that the Chevy Silverado is an inferior product in comparison to the perennially hot-selling F-150. If this is the best sort of comparison that the powers that be on Madison Avenue can come up with to help sell the Silverado it is going to be a cold day in Hades before this Chevy pickup will ever be more appealing to consumers than its arch nemesis from Ford Motor Company.

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