Follow-up: Honda Responds To Crosstour-Bashers On Facebook

September 4, 2009
Facebook page for the Honda Accord Crosstour

Facebook page for the Honda Accord Crosstour

Yesterday we discussed the virtual beat-down that the 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour is enduring at the hands of Facebook and Twitter. Well lo and behold, the folks at Honda have taken notice, and they've responded. The results are predictably hilarious.

If you visit the Facebook page for the Crosstour, you'll now see a tab entitled "Message to Fans". On it, there's a five-point response to the many, many negative comments posted on the "Wall" section of that Facebook page. Like all good cross-x debaters, Honda's PR team leads with its strongest argument in favor of the Crosstour. Sadly, it's not very strong:

The photos: Arguably, the two studio photos we posted didn’t give you enough detail, nor were they the best to showcase the vehicle. There are more photos on the way. Maybe it’s like a bad yearbook photo or something, and we think the new photos will clear things up.

Now, we've seen bad photos before at TCC. More than we can count. They're typically teasers that capture a slice of a vehicle's interior or maybe the slope of a C pillar -- enough to give an impression, but no real sense of the car as a whole.

However, the photos that Honda posted to Facebook are really straightforward. No trickery, no crazy angles, just the Crosstour, tip to tail, front and center. For Honda to claim that the photos are somehow inaccurate is bewildering. And to go one step further and compare the shots to a bad yearbook pic? To us, that says that the Crosstour is just going through a pimply, awkward phase; everything will be fine once its voice fully changes. And we all know how well that worked out for Peter Brady.

Honda's other four rebuttal points are pretty forgettable, except number three:

Many of you don’t like the styling: It may not be for everyone. Our research suggests that the styling does test well among people shopping for a crossover.

There may be some truth to that statement, and sure, the people responding to the Crosstour on Facebook may not be the target market for this particular vehicle. But many of these commenters are Honda devotees, and if they -- like us -- feel that the model falls outside Honda's aesthetic, there may be problems ahead. In fact, we might be inclined to bet on it.

[Facebook via Jalopnik]

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