GM's Mysterious '230' Ad Graphic Leads To Wild Speculation

August 7, 2009
General Motors' mysterious 230 logo

General Motors' mysterious 230 logo

It's fairly rare in these days of digital distribution that a secret stays secret until it's intended to be told, but General Motors appears to be doing a bang-up job with its mysterious '230' campaign. Speculation across the web on the meaning of the 230 number in the graphic - which uses a smiling power outlet in place of the zero - has spiked ahead of the August 11th press conference that's expected to reveal its meaning to the world.

The common wisdom on the Internet is that the 230 figure pertains, in some way, to the 2011 Chevrolet Volt extended-range EV. Whatever it is, it's all over the web, TV and even real-world billboards.

And there's a bevy of guesses as to what it might signify. 230 mpg in EPA testing? Seems a bit early for official numbers on a car not due until late next year. 230 miles on a single charge? Again, a bit early, but more likely than the EPA figure.

Other pundits and enthusiasts are betting the magic number has something to do with the Buick (nee Saturn) plug-in hybrid announced yesterday, possibly denominating the common household utility voltage (usually rated between 220 volts and 240 volts) that will be used to charge the vehicle.

Still others, guessing tongue-in-cheek, have postulated that the figure might ultimately represent GM's credit score. While that's certainly good for a stress-relieving laugh in these post-bailout times, it's more exciting to mull the possibilities for what's coming our way next Tuesday.

Stay tuned to TheCarConnection, or any of our network sites below, for the full story as it happens next week. In the mean time, experience the 230 mystery for yourself at the official What is 230? site.
[Ad Age via Autoblog]


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