Honda Fit, Toyota Prius Fuel Denver's eGo Car Sharing

June 16, 2009

 Jonathan McGrew at tipped us off to eGo CarShare, which reminds me of those luggage carts you rent at the airport. Negative feelings aside about the airport, the eGo CarShare program sounds like it has all the details worked out. The gist of the program is that you have 24/7 access to a car from a fleet. Make a reservation, and the car is yours. No insurance, parking or gas fees. Jonathan does a great job of summarizing the details of the program, so check out his post on eGo CarShare for more info.

So, what kind of car do you get to borrow? Most of the fleet are cars that are quite popular for being green: the Honda Fit and Toyota Prius. I can see a family of four hopping into a Prius for a weekend jaunt or a day of running errands, but I have to admit I knew much less about the Honda Fit. Ding! That's the obvious hint for some research at

The first impression of the Fit is, "Wow, that's small." Sure, it's a sub-compact. It's not going to fit a newborn or toddler car seat, the stroller and portable crib. It's not meant to do that. At least, not very comfortably. However, it is deceiving how much this tiny vehicle will hold. Think about the purpose of this program: providing a car for last-minute scooting around town. Sure, you can plan a longer trip, but then you always have the option of renting something more substantial if you want to haul serious cargo.

The Fit is amazingly safe, something I would initially worry about with children. As of the latest reviews, the 2009 model hadn't been tested by NHTSA or IIHS, but the 2008 model scored well. Okay, not as well as everyone wanted in side impact or rollover events. But, the 2009 review sounded hopeful, with stating that the Honda Fit, "employs Honda's Advanced Compatibility Engineering," which they say is "designed to engage the crumple zones of taller vehicles optimally in a collision."

Nice. And Jalopnik espeicially likes the visibility.

So, now I feel much more comfy tucking my two boys into a Honda Fit. Makes me want to move to a bigger city like Denver and ditch one of our family vehicles. Sure, I'd keep one around, but for a mere $10 a month, I'd always have the option to reserve a second car when hubby wants to go somewhere at the same time as me. Heck, I might even ditch them both! Downtown loft living now sounds like an option for families!

Looking for more green car news? Check out our partner site for everything and anything green and cars. Speaking of green issues, check out coverage of the Cash for Clunkers bill over at

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