Link Love From The Car Connection: Custom MINIs, RV Options, And Why Is This Model Sad?

May 25, 2009
Corvette ZX-1 by Karvajal Designs

Corvette ZX-1 by Karvajal Designs

Mehrzeller Inhalt caravan

Mehrzeller Inhalt caravan

Model FAIL -- Check the photo to the left and please tell us why that woman is sad. She's young and attractive, poised at the start of what is surely a promising career--and, oh, by the way,  SHE IS LEANING AGAINST A RED PILE OF AWESOMENESS. (Specifically: a Corvette ZX-1 by Karvajal Designs.) So, what's she got to frown about? Apart from the car's $185,000 price tag, we mean. [Autoblog]

Just in time for summer -- Love camping, but afraid of looking like a douchebag with an Airstream strapped to your MINI Cooper? Then may we suggest you take a long, lingering, polygonal look at German outfit Mehrzeller's Inhalt caravans? Custom-built for every buyer, they're guaranteed to look like nothing else out on the road. Obviously. [AutoMotto]

Speaking of MINI -- MINI fans are amped about two new designs: the MINI 50 Camden and the MINI 50 Mayfair, both celebrating 50 years of MINI motoring. But TCC is a little more intrigued by the distinctly more retro and definitely more exclusive John Cooper Works World Championship 50. Then again, we've been known to put on airs. [MotoringFile]

Two wheels good -- Getting a brand-new BMW for four grand sounds pretty sweet. And it's even possible, as long as you don't mind pedaling. (Hint: it's a bike.) [Edmunds]

Driven crazy -- Yes, Virginia, you can fight City Hall.  We don't recommend doing it in your car, though--unless you're cool with spending ten years up the river. [BoingBoing]

"Staycation" was bad enough -- We've just found our least favorite neologism for 2009 (sorry, Colbert): the "naycation". It's got something to do with not taking a vacation at all. We're not buying one of those Mehrzeller thingies just to park it in our driveway, y'know. [PRNewswire]

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