Link Love From The Car Connection: Tricked Out Land Cruisers, Katy Perry's MINI, And Yes, We Would Love A 'Bumblebee' Camaro

May 22, 2009
ICON's re-worked Toyota Land Cruiser

ICON's re-worked Toyota Land Cruiser

Throwback -- Love the convenience of a Toyota Land Cruiser but hate that 21st century look? Hoping for something Jeep-ier? More Out of Africa, less Honey, I Shrunk the Kids? Take a trip to Los Angeles and visit ICON: like Laverne DiFazio, they'll make your dreams come true. [AutoMotto]

Product placement -- To say that GM's future is unsteady is kinda like saying that Rush Limbaugh is opinionated (or overweight). But that isn't stopping the General from wringing all the mileage it can out of its Transformers alliance, including the release of a special edition "Bumblebee" Camaro. We expect they'll sell like hotcakes during their limited run--except maybe in D.C. [Edmunds]

Update #1 -- Remember that MINI inspired by Christian-rocker turned T&A showgirl Katy Perry? You know, the one-off MINI that's going to be raffled off in service of a major HIV/AIDS fundraiser? Well it's here. And man, is it fugly. [Carscoop]

Update #2 -- Remember when Alec Baldwin said that we should "pull the plug" on Detroit? Well he's sorry. We assume he's also sorry for not making a plug-in hybrid joke, but then we suppose even a Baldwin can't do everything.  [HuffingtonPost]

Update #3 -- Remember that Formula Three car that runs on chocolate? Well, it's been tested by the University of Warwick, and it hit sustained speeds of 130mph. Which is great, but will it cause a National Chocolate Shortage? Because if so, DO NOT WANT. [NYTimes]

Video lagniappe -- In other vehicle-esque news, here is a clip of Didi Senft--a fairly awesome guy who makes bicycles from pentagons and other pointy things. The one he's riding about 24 seconds in looks a lot like the Chrysler logo. We could make pentastar jokes, but surely you can fill in the blanks just as well. [Reuters via JV]

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