High Gear Media Hits Salon, HuffingtonPost, and Facebook

May 21, 2009
Pre-Production 2010 Toyota Prius in Orlando

Pre-Production 2010 Toyota Prius in Orlando

Big news today from High Gear Media--first from a major online publisher of politically driven content, and next from a big feature on one of the Web's most respected magazines. And finally, news from the social-media mammoth of all.

First up: the Huffington Post. Regular readers know about the great stories on green vehicles from TheCarConnection.com, AllAboutPrius.com and GreenCarReports.com--and now, so do readers of the hugely popular online news outlet pioneered by Arianna Huffington. High Gear Media's news is now prominently featured on the HuffPo site, and we'll be bringing that audience the same breaking, in-depth coverage as always. It's a great partnership, one of many more to come. (You can get the feeds on HuffPo for the sites here: TheCarConnection, GreenCarReports and AllAboutPrius.)

Next up: High Gear Media titans figure in Salon.com's dissection of the new fuel economy rules. Electric cars are coming, as Salon senior writer Katharine Mieszkowski points out. In the wake of President Obama’s proposal for the first nationwide regulation of greenhouse gases, which would  require new cars and light trucks to average 35.5 miles per gallon by 2016, electric cars will be a part of the solution.

But how big a part? "In the next 10 years, automakers have to wean car shoppers off of less fuel-efficient cars, and no one knows how that's going to happen," I told Mieszkowski. "It's one thing for the government to say, 'This is the new standard, and automakers have to meet it.' It's another thing to get consumers to buy the new cars."Our John Voelcker, editor in chief of GreenCarReports.com, told Mieszkowski that hybrids are a good example of how long it might take to roll out more battery-powered vehicles. "He explains it's taken a decade for hybrid vehicles to get to just 1 percent of global production of new cars and trucks. By 2015, he predicts they'll be at 4 or 5 percent, making up about 3 million of the roughly 70 million new vehicles made each year globally."

You can give the Salon.com story a click here: Electric cars are coming!

Last on this morning's news list: Facebook Connect. We know millions of you out there are Facebook fans--we know because yes, that's us who friended you and no, we don't want to take an IQ quiz or join your mafia or start a vampire war. We do want you to share the love, though, as readers love to comment on stories and post them to Facebook. Now it's as easy as typing in your comments on sites like GreenCarReports--just follow the Facebook Connect icon on the page to link your comments from the site to your Facebook account, and you'll be able to post your thoughts and favorite stories with your network along with status updates.

FacebookConnect is coming soon to TheCarConnection.com as well, so stay tuned for that and more big announcements this summer as High Gear Media plugs you into the world of cars, and cars of the future.

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