Bob Lutz Demos Volt For Letterman; Feast Of Crow Postponed

May 21, 2009
Bob Lutz and the Chevrolet Volt

Bob Lutz and the Chevrolet Volt

So as we mentioned, Bob Lutz took his show on the road last night--all the way to midtown Manhattan, to Late Night With David Letterman. Riding shotgun: the Chevrolet Volt. They were there to counter some of the snarky things that Letterman and Elon Musk said about the Volt a couple of weeks before, when Musk brought a Tesla into the studio. (Things that generated a blog entry from Lutz that still makes us spew beer from our noses.)

We'd love to say that Lutz fully convinced Letterman that the Volt is truly awesome--or at least as awesome as Sarah Spiegel's Volt jingle, which exists somewhere in the nether regions of awesomeness. Unfortunately, while Lutz makes a great figurehead, he's a little too rough around the edges to come off as truly likable and convincing. In fact, last night, he looked and sounded like the bastard child of Fred Flintstone and George Hamilton. (Bob, if you're reading: we're about to have a friend-tervention about all the self-tanner, mkay?)

But hey, maybe we misread things. Other folks thought he really nailed the landing. Take a look at the segment below and let us know what you think.

P.S. Since CBS's website is so abundantly crappy, the segment hasn't been posted there yet. (CBS: hire some eight-year-old to fix this now.) For the time being, this YouTube clip will have to do. If it gets taken down, just click here to run a video search for Lutz + Letterman. Something's bound to pop up.

[source: YouTube]

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