Link Love From The Car Connection: Steampunk Camaro, Interstate Field Guides, And The Glories Of GLORIA

May 20, 2009
A classic butt-style interchange in Germany

A classic butt-style interchange in Germany

Bitchin' Camaro -- As an aesthetic, steampunk is getting a little long in the tooth. But as John "Jazz" Vernon demonstrates in his "SteampunkKamaro" design, it's still got a few tricks up its Edwardian sleeve. Yowza. [SteampunkWorkshop via AutoMotto]

Road trip -- We tend to focus mostly on cars here at TCC, but roadways are just as important. If you're one of those gearheads who dreamed of zipping around the same cloverleaf again and again and again, have we got a present for you: "A Field Guide To Freeway Interchanges, Part 1". Also cool: part two. [Infrastructurist via BoingBoing]

Remember Midas? -- In truly ironic/hilarious news, the UAW has finally understood what cliche-ridden hacks have been preaching for centuries: be careful what you wish for. [CNN]

She's got your number (on pause) -- These days, every automaker worth its salt has an in-dash touch-screen entertainment system, and now, so does Volkswagen with its new Global Open Infotainment Architecture System, also known as GLORIA. (We know: weak.) It's pretty similar to others we've seen, except for its finger-swipe option to control certain functions--so for example, instead of looking for the pause button, users just draw a line straight down the screen. We're pretty sure they've already called Laura Branigan's estate for clearance. [MotorAuthority and YouTube]

Day late, several dollars short -- Finally, here's a video summary of the Chrysler/Fiat partnership, presented by animated personalities Hoofy and Boo. No, it's not especially topical, since TCC and everyone else had these discussions months ago. And, no, it is not particularly funny--hell no, even. But we haven't given you much video lately, and we're trying to catch up. Give us a break. [Minyanville]

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