Link Love From The Car Connection: George Harrison-Themed MINI, Recycle Your Bentley, And Does Glenn Beck Know How Effin' Funny He Is?

May 15, 2009
Transport for London's Intelligent Speed Adaption system

Transport for London's Intelligent Speed Adaption system

Mop-top MINI -- That special-edition MINI inspired by Katy Perry has some competition--from the late George Harrison. Never thought you'd see those two names in the same sentence, did ya? [Carscoop et al]

Achtung -- A man in Germany has finally learned what everyone else knows from watching TV: if you toss an envelope jammed with €23,000 in the backseat of your convertible, then drive really fast, you'll lose your €23,000. Really fast. [MotorAuthority]

Storming the roadways -- Drivers in Oklahoma, take note: the tornado chasers are back, and they've brought even more crazy vans to help investigate dangerous storm systems. Not back: Jami Gertz's career. [CNN]

Change your ways -- Feeling guilty about your leadfoot tendencies? Transport for London is here to help with a new in-car system that makes it impossible for you to speed. We just want to test out the "advisory mode", 'cause we've never seen a car frown before--although the Opel Ampera tried awfully hard. [DailyMail via AutoMotto]

They recycle in Dubai? -- Good news for green-minded Bentley owners: your cars are almost entirely recyclable. But before you chunk 'em in that blue bin by the curb, be sure to drop us an email and tell us where you live. And leave the keys in the glove compartment. Thanks. [Autoweek]

Sally Struthers in pinstripes --  Folks are divided on Glenn Beck. Some think he's a no-nonsense newsman. Others believe he's a bilious, bombastic, pea-brained blowhard who yearns for the gravitas of, say, Barbara Walters, except he makes himself cry during interviews instead of his guests. Check out these two hilarious clips of the man in action, interviewing GM's Fritz Henderson. Apart from the fact that Henderson's cool-cat nature makes Beck look even more drama queeny than usual, we love the part around 7:00 into the second clip, where Beck says, in essence, "I thought long and hard about whether I should continue taking your money--y'know since you advertise on my show and since I'm an ambassador for your products. And you know what? I love money." [YouTube]

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