Link Love From The Car Connection: Reading Behind The Wheel, Music For Hipsters, And GM Targets The Zune Generation (Assuming There Is One)

May 13, 2009
GM cars take on the Zune

GM cars take on the Zune

Zuning in -- General Motors' marketing department isn't letting all this bankruptcy folderol spoil their fun. Those chipper clipboard-toters are working overtime to reach every viable customer demographic. GM's latest target: owners of the Microsoft Zune, America's favorite also-ran mp3 player. Yes, the General is planning to make Zune connectivity standard on nearly 30 models, starting with the Chevy Camaro. Zune fans, we couldn't be happier for both of you. [Engadget]

Simplify, simplify, simplify -- Here at TCC, we obviously love our cars, but we also know what a headache they can be, especially as they start to age. So we can totally understand the impulse to chuck it all and live in a car-free suburb like the folks in Vauban, Germany. What we don't understand is how they get their Taco Bell fix--do people actually walk in? [NYTimes]

Yesterday's tech, today -- French carmakers don't always get the attention that their British, German, and Italian cousins do, but that doesn't stop the little buggers from trying. Check out this clip of some new imaging technology from Renault that allows viewers to walk around a vehicle, virtual style. They say it's a great substitute for building concept cars in the flesh. We say they could take a lesson or two from John King. [AutoMotto]

Dumb got dumber -- Just yesterday, we reminded you that texting while driving is about as smart as fighting a land-war in Asia. But now we've seen something worse: some asshat flipping through Oprah's latest hot-pick while zipping down the interstate. Unless the dude has Linda Hunt down there handling the steering wheel, he's got some 'splaining to do. [Carscoop]

Trying too hard-- Some of our colleagues stumbled across a video yesterday--a video featuring one off-key hipster, one almost in-tune guitar, some geeky ironic lyrics about said hipster's love of Pontiacs, and photos of, well, Pontiacs. They can't decide if it's the worst or best song of all time, but we can. Oh, we can. [Jalopnik]

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